• Entree #3 The clash of metal

    I couldn't find sleep unfortuneately. So when I opened my eyes to go somewhere elce I found Claire above me holding a knife in her hand. "Oh good, you're awake. Now you can put up a fight hopefully." She said with an evil smirk on her face. Then she tried treid to stab me but then i grabbed her wrist and twisted it off. Next thing I knew i was holding her dis-embodied hand, but instead of blood flowing out of her arm it was water. Than she said "Mabe this is going to be tougher then I thought." than she pulled out a siringe that looked ot be the same solution my mother put into my blood. Than She stikll went after me with the knife. I picked up the metal bar I still had and blocked her atacks with the knife. CLINK! KA-c***k! SHING! The clash of metal sent sparks everywhere. Finaly when Claire firgured I was tired she switched from knife to siringe. She went for me and missed. I whacked her onto the ground breaking her back. She fell face down the I took the siringe full of mystery solution and jabbed it into the back of her headstarted to inject it and dugg arroungd her skull. I left the sininge half way full, and finaly propped her up holding her by her neck and stuck th knife up her jaw. Then I threw her into the well and as she was drowning all over again she gave me a shot of peace ful hatered and sank to the bottomlesss well tha was over flowing. I could tell she was going to be eternally tortured because I didn't see Claire's dust rise into the great gates of heaven.

    I travelled on and on for 3 days and found a small town that recently had been infested with a deamon. I found an abandon saloon and found a crying soul orb. I felt sympathy for it and picked it up and asked it what was wrong.