• To me Alice was everything; she was my whole world. I never told her that. When she broke it off with Jacob, she got in trouble. She started using illegal drugs. I was the only person who saw the dramatic change in her. She gave her life away traded it like it was nothing.

    Before all of this happened, she was a very normal girl. She was the only cheerleader at Saint Thomson High who wasn't mean or who wasn't a full-blooded airhead whose only thoughts were of herself and how to spend her daddy's money, Alice just wasn't like that. She had made all A's in middle school. She kept her friends close, her family closer.

    Besides Jacob and I; she kept guys at an arm's length. Sometimes labeled as a geek or ice queen, she hadn't seemed to notice. Only I could see. I could practically pinpoint the day she started using illegal drugs. She was being driven home by Jacob (the day she broke it off) her older brother's friend had switched her asthmatic medications for something stronger LSD. Later that night; when she was safely unconscious, her brother's friend had raped her. She had gotten more "stuff" from upperclassmen.

    She was changing everywhere; physically her body sacked. It had made her look much older. Emotionally, she always snapped and yelled whenever she spoke. Jacob and I tried far too often to pass it off as PMS. Several other symptoms came far too in advance. She wasn't working as hard anymore. She kept receiving D's and F's. When I had asked her about it, she said she's having a tough time at home. That was the first lie she ever told me. I had seen her home life it was like "Leave It To Beaver". It was beyond perfect.

    Days slowly turned into weeks, weeks into months. Alice had continued to us. Her life continued to tumble. She began to drown in schoolwork, she continued to fail.I tried to get her to join AA meetings or any kind of meeting. She had refused. Alice had always told me that she was in control that she could quit. I never bought that crap. Senor year of high school came. I was worried that she wouldn't have enough credits to graduate. She graduated with a 2.0.

    College will be tougher for her. Thank God, we all got accepted to Albany University downtown. It will be easier to keep an eye on her that way. "Come on dude, she's not gonna like that we're all in the same college." Jacob nagged. I had to admit he had a point.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday there was a campus assembly; on the drug chain and on how to refuse them. I knew Alice Wilson would never listen to something like that. By Tuesday morning, her body had started to break down dramatically. She had to be taken to a nearby hospital, in the middle of the night. A few days pass. I went to see her everyday, as I continued to see her she dramatically got worse. Her body had almost completely shut down. She couldn't breathe on her own so she had to be connected to oxygen. Her arms fragile and brittle, her hair falling out. It made me tear over each and every time I saw her. On October 29,2009 Alice Marie Wilson died in Saint Mark Community Hospital, of drug and alcohol abuse. I had seen Alice in worse scenarios than I could imagine. Alice Wilson had only lived nineteen years. She had lived a good fifteen years. That is my story.

    To me Alice Wilson was everything. She was my whole world.