• “Diana we’re moving.” A woman with waist length black hair said to the girl sitting at the table with her. The woman looked terribly sad. Her eyes red and puffy in addition to her nose and she sounded congested. “My friend in New York passed away last night and she left her kids in my care.” She explained to her daughter.
    “Alright,” Diana sighed. Closing her eyes and then reopening them to show silver eyes. She smiled weakly. “Did you tell Dad and Jack?” she asked her mother.
    “I told your father, he understands but he doesn’t want the two of use living there by ourselves.” She said and then Diana slammed her fist into the table.
    “Wait! Just the two of us?!” Diana screamed. Luckily her father and brother went out to grab dinner. She glared at her mother then seeing the woman cringe she sat back into her seat feeling horrible for yelling at her mother whose friend had just passed away.
    “Diana, we don’t have enough money for all four of us to go. The economy isn’t doing well right now and if I could I would go by myself. But I’ll need help. Also weren’t you considering going to New York University because they offered a major that you wanted? You need to stay there at least a year to declare residency.” Her mother added.
    Diana sighed. “When Dad and you make enough money they’ll join up right? Life wouldn’t be the same without them.” She said almost crying herself. She bit her lip from doing so and tried thinking about being a stone with no expression whatsoever.
    “If we can, then yes. You will need to pack soon. We are leaving tomorrow. You also need to make a list of things that your dad could pack and send to you. We can’t have too many carry-on’s or else we will have to pay a lot more.” Her mom said sadly.
    “Ok, Mom did you look for somewhere for us to live?” Diana asked trying to withhold another sigh as well as a yawn.
    “We will be living with the kids. Mary left us her fortune so we could take care of her kids. The lawyers told me that she left ¼ of it to us so we could by some clothes and all.” Replied her mother.
    “Mary?” Diana asked. “I’ve never heard of her.” She added.
    “She was one of my friends that I recently got in contact with again. We were friends since kindergarten and throughout high school. Before my mother drag me and your aunts and uncles here that is. I used to be able to talk to her all the time before Mary moved. She lost our contact info and when she found it we had already moved again.” Her mother said with a sad smile again. She sighed and looked up at the clock on the wall. It was eight o’clock. Then a car pulled up in the driveway and the garage door opened.
    “I’ll start packing after dinner.” Diana replied.
    “Diana, do you hate me?” her mother asked.
    “No mom. I can’t hate you for needing help. But can you tell me, did you have another dream?” she asked standing up and then turning her head to get a look at her mom.
    “No sweetie. It wasn’t like that.” Her mom smiled and kept it there. Although it looked strained. Almost as if caught in a lie.
    Diana nodded not noticing the lie. She went to go help her dad and brother. After dinner Diana went into her room and started packing her clothes and emailed her teachers the sudden news. She set her laptop by her side and plopped down onto the bed.
    She turned to her side and fell asleep.
    In her dream Diana was in a white dress in a white room. She had her long wavy black hair, like her mothers, put into a bun. Looking straight ahead in a mirror she was able to see blue gemstones put in like pins to hold it up. She wore a similar blue stone as a necklace and it was shapped like a moon. Her eyes looked about sharply as she heard a soft chuckle.
    Her white dress swirled about as she did and she saw a handsome young man behind her. Diana felt her heart beat rapidly at the sight of him. He was dressed in similar attire. He wore white pants and a white button up shirt but exposed his chest. He had short brown hair that covered up his face but he shook his hair out of his eyes exposing blue eyes. He smiled and it felt like it had cast a spell on Diana.
    “Diana Twilight.” He said her name bouncing off the walls. His voice was deep yet soft when he had called her name yet again. Diana felt herself step forward and all of a sudden she ran into his arms. A since of familiarity was overwhelming to her and her knees gave way underneath her as his strong arms held her up. She felt tears fill her eyes threatening to leak.
    “You are coming home. Are you not?” he asked her. His voice whispering in her ears. Diana thought of the episode she had earlier with her mom.
    “Yes. I’m coming.” Diana whispered back hoping her voice was not quivering as she spoke. Then she felt him disappear and she fell to her knees. As she cried she saw shadows turn the room black and monsters appear out of nowhere. She ran frantically trying to get away and saw a light at the end of the room making a hallway. As she ran toward it she saw a woman that was radiating a silver light. Diana ran toward her when a shadow stopped her and shoved at her. It’s hand hitting her squarely above her breast . Diana clutched her breast as she felt it burn and screamed in agony. The woman came running and shot the creature in the head as it was going to touch Diana again.
    “Come my child.” The woman ordered firing another arrow. The light that was emitting from her was a silver light almost like moonlight. “Come!” she ordered again as Diana took her hand. “You don’t have much time my child. Your services will be needed yet again.” She said as she loosened another arrow and let it fly. She turned to Diana and touched the spot were the creature had touched her. A silver glow that had surrounded the woman was transferred into Diana as if it were healing the wound. “Awaken now child.” She said as Diana’s vision was blurred and she passed out.
    Diana awoke with a jump and placed a hand over her forehead wiping off sweat when she opened her eyes again she was wearing the necklace that she had wore in her dream as well as the jewels she had in her hair. She rubbed her eyes and thought that her mother had put them in when she was asleep. Seeing as how she was sitting at the table with her bags packed and ready to go.
    “Mom did you do my hair?” she asked as her mom came around the corner.
    “Yes. Still half-asleep?” her mom asked and Diana nodded. She was forgetting the dream as time passed.
    “Mom when does the plane take off?” she asked as she ate a donut her mom has grabbed earlier that morning.
    “Five o’clock.” She replied.”Did you to say goodbye to your friends?” She said asked.
    “Mom are we taking Midnight?” Diana asked soflty changing the subject looking at the dog with black fur next to her. His big brown eyes gazed up at Diana and he didn’t live her side.
    “Maybe, the sedatives might not work on him for that long. Luckily we booked a flight that will take us straight to our location so.” Her mom said thinking about what else to say.
    “So you are going to call Ann and ask how many pills to give him?” she asked finishing her sentence for her mother.
    “Yeah. Hopefully Ann will talk. I really need her advice.” She said sadly. “Your brother might not take care of him.”
    “Maybe Ann will talk.” Diana smiled. “Time to go.” She said looking at the clock.
    “Yes. I’ll get Jack.” She said her voice wavering. At that moment her father walked in and hugged Diana fiercely.
    “Sweetie you’ll take care of your mother right?” he asked when her mother left the room. Diana nodded holding her dad. He let go of her when her brother walked in.
    “Time to go,” her mother said grabbing her bags and Diana grabbed hers. As they drove to airport Diana felt as if someone was watching her. Diana felt her chest burn, it felt like cold water and then it felt red hot under her shirt. She winced mentally and looked on into the night as they drove past cars on the freeway. She looked up at the moon and saw that it was a full moon. She saw that underneath them was a lake and she sighed.
    She remembered that long ago the Romans had believed that if you looked at the reflection of the moon in water than you could see the face of your true love or even your husband. She knew that maybe it was just a fairy tale. She was beginning to believe that maybe all that had happened was her fault. Eventually she fell asleep after bidding her father and brother goodbye and wheeling her dog and luggage to the plane. Her dreams made her restless as she dreamed of shadows chasing her and the mysterious boy and woman came to her rescue. Eventually her plane landed in New York and her new life began.

    Diana stepped out of the hanger into the airport and saw her mother await her. They had separate seats on the plane and she felt relieved seeing her mother. But for some reason she felt that something was wrong looking deeply into her mother’s brown eyes. She must feel pretty sad because of Mary’s death. Diana thought mentally trying to convince herself that it wasn’t a supernatural cause. New York has some bad memories for Mom. I shouldn’t be thinking that Mom is trying to keep something from me. It’s not her fault.
    Diana and her mother gathered their baggage when she felt a wave of nausea rush through her. One minute she felt fine the next she felt like she was going to throw up and felt like knives were stabbing her. She wondered why she felt a stabbing sensation. The feeling soon shriveled away and she walked out of the airport into the night. She was now in New York.

    Chapter Two
    Aiden Night was lying upon the roof of his apartment complex looking up at the sky seeing nothing but the moon which was a hazy as looking under the water without goggles. He didn’t necessarily think that coming to New York for the view of the moon was great at all but he didn’t just come here for that. He sensed evil was here in his hometown and that the Goddess was calling him home. His sisters Dawn and Dusk both had shared a vision that they were needed back at home. Little did they know that their Aunt Anne and her husband had conveniently died the previous night.
    What was even more alarming was the fact that she had placed the custody of her kids to a total stranger, whom Aiden and his sisters had never met. You would think that that Aunt Anne would entrust her kids to Mom and Dad. I mean at least that would be a logical option. But to a stranger who has no relation to us whatsoever? Obviously the dark forces are working against us. Aiden thought when he felt a buzz enter his mind which was usually clear of such dark thoughts.
    Dawn did I not tell you before not to enter my mind? He demanded mentally.
    Wrong, it’s Dusk and no you never told me not to. A cheerful voice beamed. A girl with long blonde hair came up behind him and sat down on the rooftop.
    “Dawn is coming up soon. Ironically the sun will be up soon too.” She giggled. Shutting her blue eyes at the same time as she smiled at her older brother.
    “Dawn, even if I tell your sister I mean you to. After all you both should know better. One day you will be hurt because of it. Plus I need you to stay out of my thoughts or your lives would be in danger. It’s dangerous enough that I am allowing you to practice witchcraft with me.” Aiden sighed.
    “Well sorry, I just wanted to know why you were stressed all of the sudden.” The girl said in a haughty tone.
    “Well maybe if you stop picking fights at school we might have less problems. Especially with your grades and a lack of a familiar to appear would add to it.” He growled.
    “Well it’s not my fault that there isn’t a creature on the planet that can protect me as well as you and Dawn can.” She growled back.
    “That’s the problem. When I can’t be there then something bad will happen.” He sighed. “Anyway what is it you need?” he asked glancing at her at the corner of his eyes.
    “You caught me. I need some dough.” She sighed holding her hands up in a gesture of defeat. “I needed to probe your mind to see if you were going to blow up if I asked.” She said confessing the real reason why she wanted to see him.
    “I think I liked the first excuse better.” He smiled. “Fine how much do you need?” he asked pulling out his wallet. His brown hair getting in his way as he looked down into it.
    “Well, I need at least sixty dollars.” She said in a tiny voice. Aiden looked like he would blow up but quickly calmed down.
    “Why that much?” he asked.
    “Well the facts are these. There is a huge sale after school over at Mack’s for some cute clothes. Everything is like five bucks because they are going out of business. And well I was going with some friends.” She said blowing on her fingernails and rubbing them on her shirt which contained a lot of holes.
    “Fine. But I’m coming with you.” He said. “And Dawn.” He added as another girl came up to sit next to them. She had platinum blonde hair compared to her twin’s which was a dirty blonde.
    “Aw. That sucks!” Dusk complained. She smirked though. “More the merrier. Big bro can scare off all the stalkers.” She giggled malevolently. Dawn and Aiden found themselves laughing along imagining the scene.
    Except Dawn started to cry and Aiden was alarmed by this. “What happened?” he asked as she started to shake violently clenching her fists together and holding her body together. Aiden then probed her mind to see what she was seeing.
    In the vision Aiden was standing in the middle of a street, he looked for a sign and couldn’t find one. He looked around at the stores surrounding him seeing Electronics stores with TVs broadcasting breaking news.
    “This is an Emergency Broadcast. My name is Ella Knight and I need to let everyone on Earth know that a huge sickness is overwhelming the nation. New York is being quarantined as well as every other state in the US. This sickness is incurable at the moment but… I don’t have much time for this. This sickness is caused by…. s**t. ANYWAY FOR ALL OF THOSE WHO FOLLOW THE GODDESS, DARKNESS IS CLOSING IN! WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME. I REPEAT WE DON’T HAVE MUCH TIME! DARKNESS LURKS IN THE LIGHT! NO ONE IS SAFE!” she screamed. Her red brown eyes pleading as the station was turned back to the news featuring the quarantine the girl, Ella Knight, was talking about. Indeed the strange epidemic was mentioned as well.
    Aiden looked about from the screen to see what was once a perfectly fine street now lay in ruins. He saw that the buildings around him were all in ruble and turned back to the TV he had been looking at and saw that screen showed a countdown. It read:
    There were no more numbers and the clock had run out. There wasn’t even a date on it. He felt a gust of wind begin to pick up and turned his back on it to find his sister Dawn.
    “Dawn!” he bellowed. He called her name again and found the scenery change as he ran down the street. He then came across his sister standing in her spirit clothing, her white skirt and white blouse with her platinum blonde hair hanging down and clasped together with a diamond. He shook her to get her to come out of her trance but then he looked to see what she was gazing at.
    He shuddered and saw that she was staring was a plateau of bodies lay below them. The worst part was that creatures that looked human were feasting on the desecrated bodies and ripping off the limbs. He shook himself out of the gruesome trance and cast a quick spell grabbing his sister’s soul and pulled her out of the trance by force.

    Aiden breathed in heavily as did his sister Dawn. Dusk looked at them in worry as she quickly probed their minds as they thought at what the vision could mean and why it was like that. Aiden did not chastise her for probing his mind but he helped Dawn up as the sun began to rise behind them. After assisting Dawn to her bed Aiden walked out the front door to see what mischief was adrift.

    Diana & Aiden
    When Diana and her mother were able to secure a taxi they began to travel to their new home. With Midnight still asleep from the sedatives Diana felt insecure about the move. Her mother was chatting rapidly with the taxi cab driver about how New York had changed. They seemed so engrossed on where the best Speedies were as well as were to get the best Philly Cheesesteaks at that Diana felt totally out of the loop. Finally they had arrrived at their destination.
    Diana unloaded her bags and held her dog out of the car now that the sedatives had worn off to gaze at her new home. It was an apartment complex but it seemed larger than most. Her mother smiled softly and asked the cab driver if he could help and he replied that he couldn’t because he had to get home.
    Diana’s mother thanked him for the ride and gave his tip.
    “Diana I am going to have to ask you to stay outside while I go on up and talk to the babysitter. I hate to do so. New York is a little dangerous.” She sighed and winced as if she were witnessing a painful memory.
    “Mom that’s why we brought Midnight for.” She said patting the dogs head. Her mother smiled and went on up as Diana waited guarding the baggage. She sighed as she waited for her mom.
    “Midnight I wonder how New York will treat us.” She said scratching the dog behind his ears. The dog was unsually calm and she bet that the sedatives had not worn off yet.
    “I mean, it was so sudden with the move and mom’s friend dying so suddenly. I find it very odd that Mom was given custody of the kids. Everything is so strange.” She said shaking her head. She felt a prickling sensation upon her back and felt that someone was watching her. She quickly turned herself about and thrust out a hand as Midnight began to bark.
    “WHOA!” cried a voice. Diana looked up to see who she had hit when she saw that it was young man. He had barely blocked her hand when she thrust out another hand when he caught her first. She grimaced and her legs shook violently as she recognized the guy was the man from her dream. He had brown hair and the contact from his hands made a flood of warmth spread through her. Finding her voice she spoke.
    “Oh! I’m so sorry!” she said as he let go of her hands. Midnight was still growling and ready to pounce when Diana pet the dogs head. “He’s ok Mimmie.” She said reassuring her dog.
    “Mimmie?” the man asked.
    “Nickname.” Diana responded in a shaky voice.
    “Oh. What are you doing out here in the cold?” he asked shoving his hands in his pockets.
    “Waiting for my mom. She’s talking to some people inside so we can move in.” she answered as she saw flicker of anger in the guys expression.
    “That can’t be right. This is my aunt’s place. They are letting strangers move in so soon after they died?” he demanded.
    “My name is Diana Twilight.” She said trying to change the topic and extended a hand. He did not take it.
    “Aiden Night,” he said introducing himself.
    “Now we are not strangers.” She said. He chuckled.
    “In my book we still are. I don’t know a lot about you or your mother. Yet.” He replied. He looked at her with a raised eyebrow. I don’t trust her for some reason. She looks like a perfectly good girl but I wonder if she knows that she has a shadowy aura. He said mentally. He cast a spell mentally for enhanced sight to see that shadows enveloped her. He then decided that maybe it would be okay to take her hand.
    Diana saw him take her hand and at that moment she felt herself thrown back and saw that Aiden had been thrown back in the opposite direction. A brilliant flash of light followed and a huge boom echoed throughout the city. Diana felt her back hit a building and her head do the same and everything went black.
    “Diana…”. A woman called. “Diana wake up”. She called again. The woman sighed in frustration. Diana slowly opened her eyes to see the woman in her dreams. She had long silver hair and the same grey eyes that Diana had except that her lips were the only color in her appearance. Her glow was a lot dimmer and she looked exhausted.
    “Finally you are awake. Well awake in a spirit sense.” She smiled and hugged Diana.
    “Who are you?” Diana asked the woman as she hugged her.
    “I am you. Or at least a form of you. You may know me as Artemis, Luna, Diana, or Selene.” The woman replied.
    “A Goddess?!” Diana replied amazed and trying so hard not to believe it.
    “Yes, but I am loosing much of my power. I barely have the strength to return to the Heavens in which us Gods and Goddess rule. I have stayed far too long on Earth without return once these past few centuries. I am slowly dying child.” She answered softly.
    Diana felt her heart drop. A Goddess dying? They were supposed to be immortal and not be able to die.
    “In the past yes.” The goddess answered her question mentally. “Except humans were beginning to not believe in us and ever since we have been dying. Every god or goddess chooses a vessel to take up their mantle and their powers. Except I had yet to find mine until I found you.” She smiled.
    “Me? I can barely pass Algebra II and you pick me?” Diana asked shocked.
    “Yes. You and any children you have are destined to hold my power. Except… you may not have all of my power.” The Goddess replied gravely.
    “Understandable. A wise man once said ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely.’” She quoted. The Goddess nodded.
    “I know you wouldn’t use my powers for evil, it’s just. You. You have been corrupted my child.” The Goddess answered.
    “The shadows in my dreams.” Diana said remembering her first dream of the goddess.
    “Yes. It is a shadow which haunts the world creating destruction. It is Eris’ vessel. You know of Eris? Eris was the Goddess of Discord. But she fell in love with a human. He with her and they had a child. Except Eris had stayed far too long in the human world and she decided to make her child a vessel. She gave him all of her power and she protects him in spirit. Now her child lives for eternity and has gone mad craving power and craving destruction. He has chosen you for his bride.” The Goddess said looking at Diana know with sad eyes.
    “But why me?” Diana asked.
    “You were born under an eclipse. Thus you must inherent my powers. My powers as Hecate.” The Goddess said looking at her hands.
    “Like Eris I had fallen in love with a human and an eclipse would occur when I left the moon in front of the sun. Hecate was the name given to me when I forgot my duty. Many Dark things would happen and I. I was responsible for all of it. Eclipses are often warnings of the future and the day I left the moon in front of the sun you were born. You absorbed many of the dark things that I had released that day.” The Goddess sighed.
    “Isn’t Hecate also the Goddess of witchcraft?” Diana asked.
    The Goddess nodded, “Yes, which is a coincidence because you also possess witch blood. It is even more astonishing because many good witches gain power from me. They are my charges, people who I must protect.” She nodded.
    “I heard that many of these witches also worship you. Is it true?” Diana asked.
    “Yes it is. But Diana they also will be your charges. I must gain my strength back. So you would need to help me.” The Goddess replied.
    “Goddess how will I do this? If I do? You said that Eris’ son wants me as his bride. How will I avoid him?” she asked.
    “By never falling in love.” The Goddess replied.
    “How does he get around?” she asked again.
    “Normal human transportation. After the accident you had earlier he will know where you are.” The Goddess answered leaving a piece of information out. “When he wants to find a special someone he will walk around in your dreams.” She added.
    “Goddess, I am scared.” Diana said with her voice quivering. “I highly doubt that I would be able to do what it is that you ask. I doubt that I will never fall in love because it is a natural process for all of us humans.” She said crying now.
    “I know my dear. When that time comes I will have gained my strength and I will protect you and whoever it is that you fall in love with. You will need a guide in the ways of witchcraft as well as a few guards to protect you. I shall arrange this. Now you must awaken and comfort your dear mother.” The Goddess said touching Diana on the spot on her chest and kissing Diana on the forehead.

    When Diana awoke she was in a hospital room and everything was very bright. At first everything was blurry and she saw that no one was near her. She could hear a few machines in the room with her to check her mental state and her heart rate. She also saw a few IV’s in her forearm. She felt a lot of pain in the back of her head when she heard a voice.
    “Up yet?” it asked.
    Diana quickly looked out of the side of her side. She saw that curtain was peeled back and Aiden was laying in bed next to her.
    “Well you look worse then I do, Diana.” He said chuckling.
    “What?” she asked feeling a vibe coming from him. For a second she saw that he was glowing like the Goddess had.
    “I meant in better shape.” He clarified by pointing to his head.
    She giggled. “I guess.” She said.
    “Did she visit you?” he asked.
    Diana felt herself painc. “Who?”
    “Your mom.” He said looking at her with a questioning look.
    “I don’t know. I just woke up.” She answered him. She looked around the room and saw that it was fairly small. The door was open and doctors and nurses were walking by her room. She saw that there were balloons by her beside as well as flowers. She saw that there were a few handmade teddy bears at the edge of her bed too.
    “Looks like my cousins like you more than they like me.” Aiden replied sarcastically.
    “You are one of Anne’s relatives?” she asked.
    “Yeah, I thought I mentioned that before.” He said putting his hands behind his head and laying back.
    “Why would they give me all this stuff instead of you?” she asked.
    “Family Feud. Me and my sisters refused to come live with them one year. Ever since they must of thought we hated them. Just family troblues for us though.” He said sighing.
    “What happened?” Diana asked.
    Aiden looked at her with a serious looked. “My parents went missing. They have been declared dead for five years.” He said.
    “How did you get to live by yourself?” Diana asked. “Surly someone had to look after you.” She added.
    “Well I took care of us. Diana, do you believe in magic?” he asked suddenly extremely serious.
    He must be crazy. But then again maybe I have been hallucinating this entire time. That bright light. The booming, even the Goddess must’ve been a figment of my imagination. Diana sighed.
    Maybe it’s not. Another voice added. It sounded a lot like Aiden. Diana turned toward him.
    “Hey don’t look to shocked. Although I am amazed that you were able to here that.” He said eyeing her suspiciously.
    “Well I amaze a lot of people.” Diana added nervously.
    He unhooked the IVs and hopped out of bed closing in on her. He was bending over to examine her more closely making her blush. She felt her body quiver slightly in addition.
    “Scared?” he asked.
    She nodded in reply.
    “That’s good. Now who are you working for?” he asked.
    “I don’t know what you are talking about.” She replied.
    “Typical answer.” He said. “Let me rephrase the question. Do you work for Chaos or the Goddess?”
    “I still have no idea what you are talking about.” She responded.
    “You forgot I read your mind earlier and you mentioned a Goddess.” He reminded her.
    “Yes, I did.” She said growling at him.
    “That’s enough Aiden.” A girl’s voice commanded.
    “What?!” he asked turning around to see his sisters.
    “Dawn. Dusk. What are you girls doing here?” he asked.
    “We got a call from the hospital saying that you were here during school. We were granted permission to leave campus to see you interrogating a patient.” Dusk answered.
    “But she isn’t a normal patient and brother was right to interrogate her.” Dawn added stepping forward. The girl’s platinum blonde hair swayed about as she walked toward them.
    “Why is that?” Dusk asked as she drew near Diana’s bed.
    “Because she is chosen by Eris’ son and the Goddess.” Dawn answered.
    Aiden felt himself stand up straight in alarm. He looked at his sister as if she were crazy. “A double vessel?” he asked and his sister shook her head.
    “The Goddess has chose her to be her vessel while Eris’ son wants her to be his bride.” She answered.
    “How do you know this?” Aiden asked.
    “The mark on her chest and her own memories.” She answered in a trance like state. She smiled at Diana as if she knew all of the girl’s secrets.
    Aiden looked at Diana as if she were an enemy. He looked at her chest and blushed as he looked away. “I’m not going to examine her here.” He said. “If the Goddess chose her then we have no choice but to protect her from Puck.” He said.
    “Who’s he?” Diana asked.
    “To some, he is a fairy from a Shakspearan play, but to some witches, he is the god of lust, the hunt and more. He is also known as the Horned God. He is a pagan deity. Like the Greek Gods and Goddesses.” He said.
    “To us, Selene or whatever you’d like to call her, is the mother goddess. She represents fertility and light in the night sky. When there is an eclipse, she is known as Hecate. The Goddess of Witchcraft.” He said looking at Diana for a moment.
    “What?” she asked aloud.
    “The Goddess has chosen her for a vessel of Hecate,” Dawn interjected as if she read her brother’s thoughts.
    Diana looked at them confused. She did not know what part she had to play in all of this and she surely didn’t want to. But what choice would she have? Only time would tell

    End of Chapter One