• Pokemon Battle in the Mcdonald's Drive-thru!
    Lady Sume vs. Irako of the Desert

    Irako: stressed Oh my god, this drive-thru is taking forever! This person in front of me still hasn't picked anything! (beeps horn) HURRY UP!!! THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN LINE, YOU KNOW!!!!
    Lady Sume: Geez, that person behind me sure is rude, honking at me like that... ummmm.... Mcnuggets or a Big Mac? hmmmmmm.....
    Irako: (jumps out of car and walks to Lady Sume's window) Could you hurry it up already?! I'm starving here!
    Lady Sume: I'll take as long as I need to, thank you! You can just be patient and wait!
    Irako: scream ARGH! You know what, I have a great idea! I challenge you to duel!!!
    Lady Sume: Um... Irako, we're doing pokemon battles, remember? Not Yugioh duels, that's scheduled for next week...
    Irako: Oh, right... sweatdrop Hehe, my bad... Ok, I challenge you to a Pokemon battle! If I win, I'll pick for you! If you win, you can take as long as you want to order and I won't complain! Deal?
    Lady Sume: I accept your challenge! Let's begin this match!
    Irako: Teach her a lesson! Go, Flygon and Ponyta!
    Lady Sume: I choose you, Gastrodon and Torterra! Use Water Pulse on that Ponyta, Gastrodon! Torterra, Earthquake!
    Irako: Hah, you missed Flyg- Wait, you said Water Pulse? No, wait, Ponyta!
    (Epic crushing blow by Water Pulse! Ponyta faints!)
    Dang it! I'll have to use my secret weapon! Flygon, use Aerial Ace on Torterra!
    Now, go.... RAYQUAZA!!!!! twisted Use Outrage!
    (More epic crushing blow-ness! Torterra faints!)
    Lady Sume: What? crying No! stressed Gastrodon, Ice Beam on Flygon! Go!
    (Flygon is defeated by Ice Beam! But then Rayquaza hits with Outrage and Gastrodon faints)
    Irako: Take that, you lowlife, drivethru line holder-upper!
    Lady Sume: Go, Crobat! Use Poison Fang!
    Irako: Haha, I have a legendary pokemon, you can't beat Rayquaza with one measly little Poison Fa-
    (Rayquaza is defeated by Poison Fang! Lady Sume wins!)
    What?!?! eek
    Lady Sume: Whoever said it was just one Poison Fang? I used 73!!! mrgreen I have the world's fastest Crobat!
    Irako: Stupid fast Crobat@*!$#*&%^!(&#%^#*@%$&*#% (goes back into car)
    Lady Sume:Now, where was I? Oh, yes! Mcnuggets? Or Big Mac? Hmmmmmm... Which one, which one?
    (everybody else in the drive-thru: O.o what just happened?!?!?!)