• I had just returned to the hut.
    There was a strange tightness in the air, it was as if there were one who was dead.
    I went in back garden, to brush mud of my shoes and when I turned me around, it stood there, it looked me directly in the eyes and I stared completely fascinated in the beautiful animal blue eyes, it felt as an eternity, where we both stood by the stone supports.
    It began to move, turned around, but always had his ear turned towards me, I knew it was aware of every move I made.
    Suddenly facing the side of the piles was white with a light shade of beige and tail had a red tinge. It sniffed around in the air and gave me a strange look, it felt as though it stared directly into the soul and I gazed into it. It turned around and ran back into the woods and left me paralyzed for a spot. I saw a wolf!