• Chapter 2 – I Find Out I’m A Princess

    I was sitting in Biology taking a test when one of the weirdest things ever happened.

    “The answer to that question is B,” a tiny voice had said in my ear.

    I turned my head to see who had spoken to me but all the rest of my classmates were in the concentrating hard on their papers.

    “Wow, you study hard.”

    This time I turned back to look on my assignment and saw a tiny woman with pointy ears, butterfly wings, azure colored skin and a faint cobalt glow around her. She was wearing a sapphire colored summer dress that matched the color of her eyes.

    “And you are very blue,” I whispered. “All you can really do is study when you have nothing better to do.”

    “Ah, I see Blake was right about you. You can see us!” She poof-ed away and appeared again sitting on my shoulder, “That’s very good because most creatures can’t even see sprites.”

    The bell rang signaling the end of 8th period, the last day of school, and the beginning of summer. I smiled, no more studying for 3 months.

    “You know I’m actually surprised you didn’t scream when you saw me. Blake said you would. By the way, my name is Sapphire.” The tiny fairy smiled, “If you want I could take you home.”

    “A little thing like you? How?”

    Then the fairy poured some powder on me then I appeared on my bed. But there were many other colored sprites floating around my room. There were also tiny dragons the size of lizards, unicorns, centaurs, a small puppy version of Cerberus, the three headed dog from Greek myths. And there was Blake, sitting right next to me.

    “Why the heck are all these things here?” I screamed.

    “We need your help,” Blake looked like he was about to cry, but I don’t thinks vampires can cry.

    “The world is in danger of a huge war against the demons.” Sapphire was weeping now.

    “Wait. Why me?” So many questions popped in my head I didn’t think I could ask them all.

    “Ask your father why you have purple eyes and hair. Then wait for Blake to return,” the elder yellow sprite whispered. It sounded as though he had difficulty breathing.

    Then they all disappeared with a great flash of rainbow light.

    I avoided asking my dad about why I could see all these creatures. They didn’t scare me as much as I thought they would. But that night I was sitting on my bed and Blake just happened to be there. We talked for a couple minutes until…

    Boom! Pop!

    “What was that?” I asked, uncertain on how to react.

    Blake hopped off my bed and went into a battle position, bearing his teeth. I hadn’t noticed before but he had sharp claws.

    A silhouette of an angel appeared behind the curtain of my window, but I knew full well that it wasn’t. A black aura surrounded this man. Evil.

    The bird-man flapped his wings, and nearly took out the whole wall. I hung onto the bedpost to avoid smashing into the paneling. Then I saw what he looked like.

    He had charcoal black hawk wings that spanned about ten feet I would guess, snow white skin, midnight black eyes that looked as though they could look right through you, and black hawk feet with five inch long talons. He had the upper appearance of a man but the lower part of his body was covered in feathers.

    “Ah, princess,” He cooed in a British accent, “so nice to finally meet you. Now if you’d come with me, I’ll escort you to Master Vetis.”

    Blake growled, “She’ll never go with you, Zagan!”

    Zagan turned to Blake and gave him a very heated look, “Well now Blake, no one asked you.” He bowed like a gentleman, his expression polite again, “Princess.”

    Blake was gritting his teeth by now. Whatever happened between these two left him with a grudge.

    “Princess…? Me? I think you got me confused with someone else, I’m not a princess.” I was terrified. I didn’t know what to do.

    “Courtney stay there and don’t move okay?” Blake said trying to be calm, but I could tell he was angry. He sprint at Zagan and tackled him, knocking him out of the sky, and slamming him hard against an old oak tree.

    Zagan howled in pain. He grabbed Blake’s shirt and threw him to the floor of my bedroom, leaving a crack in the floor. Thankfully my father works night shifts.

    Blake stood up again, and lunged at him again, this time flying outside and crashing onto the ground two stories below. Zagan tried throwing him again but Blake grabbed his arm and broke it.

    Zagan grabbed him with his good arm and flew up into the night sky, continuing the fight in air. Blake used his claw to cut off almost half of Zagan’s wing, and they both fall, unmoving.

    I sprint down the stairs and out the door to Blake’s lifeless body, “No, you can’t die. Not now. Please! Blake!” I cried.

    Blake coughed black blood, opened one of his blue eyes and smiled, “I told you not to move. And I’m not dying for a long time.” Then he sat up and growled at the winged demon that was now standing, his wing wrapped around his now bleeding arm.

    “We’ll be back Princess,” He spat green blood, “Just wait. We’ll be back.” A fiery red portal appeared and he limped through. Then it faded away.