• Lucas stood in the throne room waiting to see the princess while Mrs. Coldwell shuffled around fixing everything up. The captain was holding a bouquet of 12 red and pink roses in his hands, hoping that Lorien would remember him. All that hope died away though when she finally entered the room, and she wasn’t alone.

    Lorien walked gracefully down the stairs wearing a beautiful purple dress and her deep brown hair was flowing gently down her back. She was smiling and laughing and she was happy, though someone else was by her side. Lucas had always pictured himself by her side, making her happy. It broke his heart to see someone else standing beside her.

    The young man standing beside her had a smile on his face that was just as big as the princess’. His hair was the same colour as Lorien’s and his eyes were grey. Lorien’s arm was hooked in his and they looked somewhat happy together.

    It crushed Lucas inside to see Lorien like and it was hard to keep a smile on his face anymore. Mrs. Coldwell noticed the poor boy and she gave him a sympathetic smile.

    Lorien’s smile immediately dropped slightly when she saw Lucas standing in the middle of the throne room with a bouquet of roses in his hands. For some reason, it triggered something in her mind and she felt as though there were something significant the flowers. It bothered her deeply.

    Samuel saw Lorien’s face drop and he held her hand tightly, smiling at her as he did. Lorien returned his smile and took a quick glimpse at Mrs. Coldwell. Lorien couldn’t understand why but the old lady had a look of disappointment on her face. Lorien forced a smile on her face and kept a strong hold on Samuel. This made him smile.

    “Good morning Captain. Might I ask what brings you to the castle on such a fine day? Have I not told you that the castle is in good hands? There is no need for your devoted army any more,” Samuel said when he and Lorien reached the bottom of the stairs. Lucas made an extra effort to refrain from rolling his eyes. When Lorien noticed this, she almost chuckled but held herself. As much as she tried, she couldn’t keep her eyes off Lucas.

    “Actually Your Highness, I just wanted to drop off these flowers to pay respects to her Majesty, the late Queen Lucia,” Lucas said as politely as he could. He risked a quick glimpse at Lorien and noticed that she was staring at him. He half expected her turn away but, to his surprise, she never did.

    “Well Captain, it would have been most polite if you gave us some extra notice,” Samuel said rudely.

    “Actually, I told him he could come by Your Highness. The Captain told me at the funeral that he had no time to give his respects properly and I suggested he come today. He won’t be very long your Highness. I apologize for being unable to inform you of his visit,” Mrs. Coldwell said bowing her head. She felt sorry for Lucas. It was only her job to help.

    Samuel sighed and was about to answer her but Lorien spoke before him. “Never mind about that Mrs. Coldwell. I’m sure it’s not a problem at all,” Lorien said with a smile. “Please Captain, go on ahead.”

    Lucas bowed and slightly turned his head so that he could wink at Mrs. Coldwell. The old lady nodded her head once and gave a small smile. As Lucas was lifting her head, he noticed a something shimmering on Lorien’s left hand.

    Samuel saw Lucas’ face and turned his eyes to look at what the Captain was seeing. Samuel smiled when he saw the ring on Lorien’s left hand. He smiled to himself.
    “It’s a beautiful ring isn’t it Captain?” Samuel said smugly. Lorien looked at the diamond ring shining on her finger. She looked into Lucas’ eyes and saw a hint of anger and hurt glimmering in his green eyes. But it was immediately hidden with a smile.

    Lucas looked at Lorien in the eyes. “Does this mean that there will finally be a king of Bright Splendia?” Lucas asked with the same tone that Samuel had used for him.

    “Yes, that is correct,” Samuel glared, his eyes flashing with a tinge of black. Lucas was slightly taken aback when he saw this but tried to hide his shock. He heard Mrs. Coldwell gasp quietly and forced a smile.

    “Congratulations Your Highnesses, may you live happily together. I take my leave then,” Lucas said and made his way to the garden where Queen Lucia was buried. At that moment, he knew that he was too late.