• Ronny glanced at the rainy cloudy storm outside.Charlotte hadn't written back and he had been beginning to get worried.Had her father found out about the letters?His heart ached at the thought of losing his beloved Charlotte. The door opened to reveal the private school teacher. "You seem have a new roommate sir." "Really? I asked for a single room." "Well she said she positively must have a spot in this very room and she said you might want her here."
    Behind him was the blue eyed redhead he had missed terribly. "Charlotte what are you doing here?" "I ran away and pulled out my savings moneyI'm going here now." "Charlotte you had five hundred thousand dollars in there."
    "And I'd spend every penny I had to be with you." Ronny ran to her and kissed her cheek and wrapped his arms around her. "I really feel as if I have fell into a beautiful dream and won't awake." He slowly pulled away from her "your father knows I'm here at the private school in England won't he look here?" "I never told him he thought I had finally stopped speaking to you then he tried to hitch me with that horrible man Ingle I felt heart broken and coudn't take it mother fixed me a train here.She said she understands my heart ache.I packed my things and said goodbye to mother.Mother said that father would not look for me here." "God I missed you so much I can't beleive your here." "Please don't curse god Ronny after all he's done for our love."
    "Sorry my dear Charlotte." The two held eachother in thier arms for a good 15 minutes.

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