• “No you have to stay here, Star.” I said to my beautiful red-bay filly,
    “As you wish, my princess, but I do not like being away from you for I would not be there to protect you if something was to happen.” She said mentally to me
    “I really wish you’d stop calling me princess.” I said aloud
    “What?” said Link, saddling up Epona?
    “Uhh never mind.” I said, I looked up and saw understanding eyes from Epona, A quizzical look from Link, and a huffy look from Star Fire. I had explained to Epona a couple months ago about my gift to understand animals. She, as a horse with a gift of her own had understood. After I had told Epona about my gift, she told me that she could see glimpses of the future. But of course Link couldn’t understand her and the other animals didn’t believe her. I felt pity for her also when the animals would ask her questions about their future but when she couldn’t tell them because she could only see glimpses of the future, they made fun.
    “Time to go to Renaldo to get your calf stitched Cassie.” Link said
    “Okay.” I said walking over to Link. He helped me into the saddle behind him.
    “Bye Star.” I said mentally to my filly
    “Bye my princess.” She said turning around, and as soon as she was about to gallop off she whinnied and rammed into something right beside us.
    “Star Fire what are you doing!?” I yelled, jumping off Epona and ignoring the pain that was shooting up my leg as I ran over to her. When I reached the filly she was stomping in anger.
    “Get behind me princess.” She said, and before I knew it, we were in battle with an invisible enemy. I pulled out my Sapphire Studded sword and dagger and snapped my fingers so my shield would appear. Link was sitting up on Epona, looking at us like we were insane.
    “Are you going to help?” I snapped at him, “Or are you just going to sit there dumb struck!” Link flinched. I looked down. I shouldn’t be cross with him, but after the attitude he showed when we visited with Max I was mad. Suddenly something rammed into me, jerking me out of my train of thought. As I was picking myself off the ground, I got an idea about how to make the invisible visible.
    “Star, lure that thing over to the pond bank!” I thought to my frantic filly
    “Why Princess?” she asked
    “If we can get it close to the water I will use the mud on the bank to make it visible.” I said, she nodded her beautiful head and started backing toward the pond.
    “What are you two doing!?” Link shouted, as we started to near the bank. The monster attacked with a pattern, so Star Fire and I had no problem blocking blows and delivering blows to the monster. When we were at the bank, we side stepped so the monster stumbled into the water. I used my magic and willed the mud to rise. Then I covered the air where the monster was supposed to be with the mud. Then when I looked again the form of what looked like a giant fairy was in front of us.
    “Ugh my clothes are ruined!’ shouted the creature
    “Huh” I said, making the creature spin around
    “How did that mud fly?” asked Link, I glanced at him then at Star Fire
    “You cannot tell him, my princess….for it may endanger you mission.” She said. I nodded.
    “Umm, this is a magical bank.” I dumbly lied
    “Oh.” He said,
    “You can take off the invisible act.” I told the creature, turning to it again
    “Yeah whatever, I was here to deliver this letter to him.” She said becoming visible, jerking her thumb in Link’s direction, and pulling out a letter. “It’s addressed to Link from Midna.” She said handing the letter to him. Link opened it and read it aloud.
    “Link, how are you, Oh Hero Chosen by the Goddesses, he he he. Ever since I heard that Ganon was back, I’ve been looking for you. I was going to offer my assistance to you in battle. But I’ve heard that you’ve found another partner. A princess is she and, that of the desert too? Did you know that her kingdom is under the sand? Hardly anyone that was there when it went down made it back to the surface. So consider your partnership wisely. Come to the Twilight realm as soon as possible. For I need to speak with you and I’d like to meet you’re partner. Well I’ve got to go back to ruling my kingdom, (thanks again for you’re help)”
    “Well I’ve got to get going.” said the giant fairy. “More magic mail to deliver.” With that, she was flying off.
    “What’s magical about this letter?” asked Link
    “I do not know, but I think she meant to and from magical beings though.” I said “Star what’s the matter with you?” I asked my stomping filly
    “Princess, shoot that monster!” she screamed in my head.
    ”Why? She didn’t do anything harmful to us” I asked,
    “It’s using cloaking magic, the letter is real but THAT is a terrible monster with the cloak of a fairy!” She thought at me. I pulled out my bow and aimed at the creature.
    “What are you doing!” yelled Link getting in our way. The creature spun around.
    “Mother guide this arrow to my target.” I whispered, hoping my mother would again help me; I shot the arrow upward into the sky. A few seconds later the arrow was speeding down toward the beast. I closed my eyes, praying to the goddesses that it hit the mark. I opened my eyes just as the arrow hit the cloaked monster. But the monster didn’t explode into dust. Instead, it lay in the same spot as it did when the arrow hit it we were all staring at it in silence. “This isn’t one of Ganon’s monsters.” I said finally.
    “But if it’s not Ganon’s, then whose is it?” Link asked
    “We need to do as Midna says and return to the Twilight Realm.” I said
    “Why?” asked Star Fire and Link in union.
    “Because,” I said looking at the silver emblem on the black creature,
    “Zant came back with Ganon.”