• It was perfectly heartbreaking I decided, watching her cry. She clenched her hand around her phone and let out another heart broken sob. She let the small pink electronic fall to the ground like her tears. I wanted to stop them, but there was nothing I could do.

    She curled around her knees on the ground her hair covering her face. She didn’t even care that she was flashing everybody in her mini. Her heart was breaking again, at least it was someone else this time.

    “What did he say?” I ask timidly.

    She looks up at me through blonde bangs, her icy turquoise eyes enlarged by tears. “He’s… He’s… He’s with that b***h!” The last word was let out as a loud sob.

    I look up and he’s standing at the curve in the hall, his eyes down cast and he looked more miserable then she did. His eyes met mine and I knew he was in love, that’s why he was pushing her away. He’d fallen in love with her.

    His eyes plead with me to make it better, but both he and I know he’s the only one that can make her better, so I glare at him. He gives her one last mournful look before he backs away.

    I text him: You better fix my friend, douche bag, or you’ll regret it. I don’t get a reply, but I don’t expect to.

    I drop to the ground and pull her against me and she lets out a sob into my chest. It breaks my heart to see her like this. “You know he’s doing this because he loves you…”

    “That doesn’t make it hurt less…” She sobs. She clenches my shirt, clinging to me.

    “I know, but that means that it might not be true… And he's not worth these tears.” I know that will work. She may still be upset about it, but she wont be sobbing. That's all I want. She's so much prettier when she smiles and I tell her so. She lets out another sob, and I rub her back with one hand and running the other threw her hair. It clalms her, I can feeling her relaxing and her phone vibrating...

    I know its him, she knows its him, but she doesn't move to check it. She stays in my arms sobbing and I let her.

    “Yeah,” She says finally; she lets out one last sob, takes in a deep breath, and pulls herself together. She stands and holds her hand out to me with a smile.

    I smile back as I grab her hand thinking: I love my best friend, she great.