• The Night of August 12th, 2008.Liz,Danny,Gella,Angielei and Kurt had just finished Graduation.Not only do they know that their road trip will have a stop and they may never return.................

    It all started around 1678, when a Russian Woman and his husband moved into a house in Canada, the wife felt unappreciated for she had just known that her husband is having an affair, feeling so depressed she killed her husband and hung herself inside their house.
    Now the story begins.

    Their road trip stops at Toronto,Canada for they have just arrived from Seattle, Gella and Danny are very daring they all started daring each other, but all of them we're dared to go inside the old mansion and circle all rooms and floors and them come out.Entering the door, Liz felt a sudden cold breeze of her sleeves so she wore a jacket, while Kurt, the bravest of us all went in first,then when they entered they smell blood and dead bodies so they all tried to run out but their screaming didn't work for they we're trapped inside. They circled the house and circled the rooms for it was a large mansion.One of them,Angielei found a necklace written in Russian, she couldn't understand it so she tried to throw it away but it suddenly shined and a woman all bloody came out of it screaming and yelling and muttering "Da svi dan ya,da svi dan ya"!!!! They did not know that it was the soul of the Russian Woman who killed herself and then Kurt's body suddenly blew and blood spread all over the room, they ran for they we're chased by a bloody dead woman, they ran but Angielei couldn't fastly open the door the Russian lady strangled her and bursted her body to death.They ran as fast as they could, but Gella trumpled and couldn't stand for she was injured and knocked down by a big candle stick, but alas! the Russian Lady killed her.The next morning they finally got out of the mansion and they lived.
    The soul of the russian lady which was known to be Olga Ivanovna still haunts men who are having an affair and taking the souls of innocent people who enter her mansion.