• "BOOM" the ground thundered! "BOOM" the ground thundered once more.

    "CRASH,SMASH,CRACK" the sounds of a harvest.
    "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the screams of desprate souls.

    "SHINK" the unleashing of teeth. "Run Sydney! Run!" someone screamed.

    Then a loud voice boomed over the lands and yet it sounded a whisper heard by all, "Thiegh blood sha'll be spilt for her!" In a slightly sader tone it said, "She must, will, and sha'll live!"

    "Stop!" a lovely sound tolled, "Don't do this!"

    " eek Ma-ri-a?" the voice called both voices equally lovely.

    "Don't kill for me! Im not worth i-"

    "Yes you are!..." "No one may take you from me and that is final!"

    "It's not your choice!"

    Silence. Everything stilled in the raging apocolypse of the world. A man emerged, blood on his hands and lips. He floated with a scared child in his hand crying in mourn of the death of his family. "Maria you must-" a long pause as he drifted from the dark shadows. "you must live Maria."

    A beautiful woman with long black hair emerges from a shadow. Her face covered in tears. She pulls out a feather from her pocket along with a picture of her and the angel, a vile of sand, and a lighter. She draws the devil's ring on the picture and places the feather on top. She sparks the lighter but the angel is there and able to blow it out in a instant. Instead he smiles and looks down. He pulls out a beautiful blood-red rose and also places it on the picture.
    He makes a pink lightly colored flame in his hands rom no where and hands it to her. It is beautiful, warm, yet cold also, and somehow alive. He hands her one of the same nature but this time a light blue lightly beating a unkown heartbeat. She places them together and sets it on the picture. Slowly they fade away and scatter off into the world seperately slowly forming 2 halves a whole golden fruit. The world cried out loud so that Eden and Heaven could hear thatit was sad for the loss of its fruit. Then to being slowly grew from the fruits as children. And the year 2050 struck on the year of thier births.