• PART 1

    Ok, so maybe it was a little stupid to be walking with earphones in, listening to my music at full blast, but hey, i was depressed. It was just one of those days where you needed perking up a bit, and the music was certainly doing its job. Ok, so this was my first time i had listened to music whilst walking because my mother had always said that i wouldn’t be paying attention to the cars and stuff, but i was doing a pretty well so far, after all, i wasn’t dead yet. Anyway, i was living on my own now and had been for 2-3 years, visiting my parents house every so often.
    so here i was, bobbing along to a full metal song, stepping in time with what little beat it had and, ok, so i thought that this was one of the quietist roads, know one was around that i could bump into if i wasn’t paying attention and certainly no cars (huh, like there ever was any). i stepped of the pavement, strided into the middle of the narrow quiet road, and only then did i glance up the road and to my horror, saw a car speeding towards me at break-neck pace. i yanked my earphones out, and only then did i head the roaring engine. Mum was right! oh god! oh no! im going to-... i suddenly felt a hand grab my arm and i was promptly yanked out the road as the car went passed, barley 30cm away from me and sped round the corner without hesitation, or even checking for cars. i staggered back from the force of whoever had pulled me and collapsed onto the pavement. i quickly scrambled so i was in a half sitting position and stared up at who had saved me.
    his piercing blue eyes captivated me instantly as i stared at him, his perfect blond curly hair, flawless face...then once i had pulled myself together a little, i noticed that his face was actually dark and angry.
    "What were you doing?" he growled. "Trying to get yourself killed?" i couldn’t answer for a second, as i was still half captivated by his glorious face.
    "I..." i mumbled, trying to get a sentence out, or at least some words. He sighed and knelt down next to me, his eyes searching my body.
    "do you mind if i just...?" he asked, i nodded slightly. he put a hand under my chin and gently moved my head from side to side, inspecting it for injures. Right then and there, my heart was racing like crazy, i wasn’t sure whether it was from the shock of nearly loosing my life or him and his 'gloriousness'. "Are you ok?" he asked, now inspecting my arms and legs. There was a tiny graze on my right knee from collapsing, but that was it.
    "I’m...fine." I muttered, staring into his captivating eyes.
    "Nothing hurts?"
    "No." finally he smiled, satisfied that i was ok which made my heart skip a beat, i am sure of it. that glorious smile would of stopped my heart altogether if i hadn’t quickly dragged my eyes away and averted my gaze. The man then got up and offered me his hand. i grasped it and he pulled me to my feet.
    "You sure you'll be ok?" he asked once more, and i nodded.
    "I’m sure." i replied. He nodded back, gave me one last smile then turned and walked away.
    I stood there, not quite knowing what to do with myself, I couldn’t even remember where i had been going, he was just so gorges! So dazzlingly gorges! I looked down slowly, bringing my breath back, and realized that my ipod was in my pocket, but that the earphones that had once been in my ears were now dangling on the ground. I sighed and carried on walking.