• the day the twins was a sad event. they came out perfect and healthy but no one knew the tragic incident that will come to be. there parents had given birth to two beautiful baby girls. who grew into beautiful girls then teens. they named the
    User ImageCecil and Clair

    the girls grew up a happy life. in a huge house. both parents happy. and by the country away from civilization. they had friends. and boy friends. one night they were very hyper so they went to the lake. there was a full moon out. the girls had no idea what awaited them. when they reached the lake a tall User Imageman was straining into the lake. Cecil's blond hair waved in the hot breeze. he turned at smiled at the girls. "why hello there" he greeted them. they looked confused. "hello" Clair said twirling a piece or strawberry blond hair in her fingers. "oh dont mind me" he told them "im just here to see the water dwellers." they gaped at him. "water what" Cecil asked. "come watch." the girls stood next to him and starred at the water. as they watched they saw the bottom of the water begin to move. "what is it" Clair asked "mermaids" he told them. they starred at him in disbelief. as they watched the lake began to glow.

    they started to see them. they were very pretty. Clair pulled out her cell phone "its getting late we should go" Clair said. "you cant leave now" he told them. fear stricken the girls froze "w-what do you mean" Cecil manged to say "one of you must stay or both" Clair felt her self raise her hand. "very well enter the lake" he told her. but Cecil wouldn't let her go. "both of you in the water. they did as he told them. "now you must touch one of the mermaids and you shale be cursed to stay here" he told them. they jumped into the water. right away they saw a mermaid she was very User Imagepretty. she held out her hand for them to grab. at the same time they grabbed her hand. their feet became fins. their lungs gills. a feeling over whelmed them both. they were trapped as User Imagemermaids] forever.