• I couldn't do anything to stop them. Alexander had already pushed Roscoe off the cliff, but Roscoe pulled Alexander with him.
    It wasn't too long before it began to rain. I was so near town where my cousin lived, but I didn't have the strength to leave where I stood.
    Moments passed, hours were long.
    I didn't have the strength to even think of Roscoe being hurt, and I immedietly fell to the floor.
    When I woke up, I was in my cousin's living room. She was upstairs, talking on the phone.
    I suddenly had a vision of Alexander and Roscoe's fight.

    They were near Mt. Okiruk when Alexander slammed Roscoe against 3 trees.
    Roscoe fought back and threw Alexander against the outside of Mt. Okiruk.
    Roscoe's eyes were blood red, and his vampire fangs were bigger than usual.
    Alexander was yelling at Roscoe but I couldn't hear his words.
    Roscoe stabbed Alexander with his knife, leaving a pool of blood surrounding both of them.
    Alexander shot Roscoe, disappearing into the darkness.
    Roscoe layed there, alone.

    "Roscoe!" I screamed, crying.

    Then, everything turned black.