• I look out the window. Everything SEEMS alight. I look around the room, I walk about the house, but still I don't seem to feel... alone... am I really?

    I walk to the kitchen to grab a snack, but am to afraid to walk through the door. What if someone's in there? So I quietly go back to my room to sit on the bed. I take my ipod and try to calm myself down with jazz, but it didn't ease my thoughts. I take it that maybe I need fresh air. That's it!

    So I jump off my bed, and open my un-screened window. Big mistake. As soon as I open the window, a man jumps in. I scream! He puts his hand around mouth and jumps out the window with me in his arms. What's gonna happen to me? Will I see my family, or my friends ever again?

    The man runs to our driveway, and jumps into the car he brought along. Why the driveway? He'd be noticed! But no one had seen him or his Corvette. He gets in the back seat and tells the driver to "get going." As we drive, his grip tightens on me, as if he wants to keep me in his grasp forever.

    The worst part had just came. He touches me, and I freak out all over. I shiver, I squeal, I try to wriggle out of his arms, i try to scream! ...But the torture keeps going. I feel as if I am about to faint. He whispers that he loves me, but I know he's lying. If he loved me, he'd wait for me. How'd he even know I existed? Then finally, his hand comes to my shirt. Oh no.