• "Mom! Where are the band-aids?" The girl called out as she closed front door of her house. Her mother winced as she heard the door slam, and wondered what had happened this time.
    "They're in the bathroom cupboard. Why?"
    "I cut my thump on a rose." The part she didn't mention was that the rose she had cut herself on was a gift from her new (and extremely cute) boyfriend. She also didn't mention that she had totally and unreasonably freaked out after cutting herself and had ran home, which had made the cut bleed even more.
    She banged up the stairs (making her mother wince again) and slammed the bathroom door behind her. After rummaging around for a while, she finally found the band-aids and clumsily put one on. When she was done, she thought about what had happened. What was it that had scared her anyway? Maybe it was being alone at the park, which looked forlorn in the day time, since people rarely went there, but was down right creepy at night. Or maybe it was the sight of her blood, though that had never scared her before. Or maybe it was the rose, which, although it was beautiful, was somehow... No, it was definitly the park. Maybe next time she could get the boy to walk her home... After that she got caught up in the fantasy of what might happen the next day, or the day after that (They were dating now, so why couldn't they see each other every day?) Suddenly, she heard a pound at the bathroom door.
    "PHONE!" The girl heard her sister scream.
    "Just a second!" She yelled back. Her sister, who was two years older and way more bitchy, was SO annoying. She quickly cleared off the counter (which was covered in the junk she had pulled out of the cabinet while searching for the band-aids) and unlocked the door. Her sister was waiting outside the door, tapping her foot impatiently while holding the phone as far away from her body as possible.
    "It's HER again." Her sister wrinkled her nose in distaste. "Her" meant the girls best friend, who, after a small incident involving the girls tenth birthday cake and a swimming pool, was never called by her actual name in the house.
    "Hello?" The girl said cautiosly into the phone. She couldn't think of any reason her friend would want to call her, especially since she was suppedly "grounded" and not allowed to use any electronics.
    "OhMYGOD!!!!!!" Her friend all but shreiked into her ear. "Did you talk to him yet?!?!" The girl instantly understood who "he" was, and smiled.
    "Yeah. We met at the park again, and he gave me a present."
    "Seriously." The girl walked into her room and shut the door behind her. Her sister was still in the hallway, and she didn't want her hearing the next part of the conversation.
    "What did he give you?"
    "A rose."
    "Just one?"
    "Yeah, but it's really gorgeous. It's this amazingly deep blue color, but it has really sharp thorns on it. I cut myself already."
    "Ouch." Her friend said sympithetically. "But I didn't know roses came in that color."
    "Me neither. But it's the same color as his eyes." There was a pause before her friend spoke again.
    "You know," She began slowly, almost nervously, "You havn't told me what he looks like yet. Or his name."
    "I guess I havn't." The girl said, shocked. "Sorry about that. That shouldv'e been the first thing I told you.
    "It's okay. You where too love struck too remember to tell me." Her friend laughed.
    "That's not true!" She protested, but she realized that her friend was right. Ever since she had met him, exactly ten days ago in fact, she had been walking around in a semi-dazed fashion, her thoughts rotating around him only.
    "Okay, it's a little true. Very true, actually. Sorry."
    "I'll forgive you if you hurry up and tell me what he's like." They both laughed a little before the girl started her explaination.
    "When I met him, I thought he looked a little like the unspeakable one."
    "oh, please!" The girl could feel her friend roll her eyes. The unspeakable one was Her friends ex-boyfriend. He was majorly hot, but a total player.
    "He's really completely different."
    "That's good."
    "Quit interrupting! Do you want to hear or not?"
    "Sorry, sorry." Her friend grumbled.
    "His hair is lighter, kind of a bronzy-gold color. And he has a bit of a tan, like he used to live near the ocean or something. And he's sixteen, a year older than us. He's also a lot nicer than the unspeakable one."
    "Everyone is nicer than that scumbag."
    "Like, you knw how the nspeakable one used to make fun of people in wheelchairs and stuff?"
    "The jerk..." Her friend muttered. She decided to ignore it that time. (after all, it was completely true)
    "Well, he was talking to that one-legged guy a few days ago at the park. I swear they're friends.
    "So he's hot, gives good gifts, AND he's hot. You really scoared big time." The girl let that one go as well. (It was completely true, after all.) Her friend paused for a moment. The girl could hear her talking to someone, though all she could hear was a vauge, fuzzy voice.
    "My mom says I need to clean my room in a minute." The girl snorted. Her friend needed to clean her room ten minutes after cleaning it last.
    "But one more thing. What was his name, anyway?"
    "Didn't I tell you already?" The girl said in a shocked voice. "It was..." She paused for a moment, then continued. "It was..."
    "Was what?" Her friend said, impatient.
    "I... I don't know."