• Once upon a time there was a princess named Black Rose. She was the most beautiful princess. There is a prince named Hector. Hector loves her. He asked her father if he could marry her. He said “I don’t want you marrying my daughter but since she loves you I will let you marry her.” Then Hector said “yes, sir.” Black Rose was in her room sitting by the window and staring at the moon. The moon was full.

    Rose was looking out the window and a flying ship came up to her window and 8 men jumped out of the ship and grabbed her. They put her in the ship and then they throw her in the captions room. She was tided up she could not get out of it, so she started to scream. The caption came into the room and throws her off the chair on to the ground.

    Her father ran in to her room because he heard some noises and he saw that her window was opened so he ran to the window and saw the ship flying away. Hector was right behind her father. Her father said “This could not be happening to me 1st her mother now her. What am I going to do?” Hector said “can ships fly away like that?” her father screamed “what the hell!! They can’t fly.” “Look” explained Hector Her father look and he could not believe his eyes.

    Two minutes later he lurch a search party to find her. Hector was sad that if something happened to her he would die. Her father the king explained what she looks like he said “She has long blonde hair with blue highlights, brown eyes and in the middle she haves blue, a locket with a picture of me and her mother, she is in her PJ’S, I believe they were a night gown it’s orange and see throw but another gown under it.

    Mean while on the ship the caption was talking to her he said “If you marry me I will not kill you. If you don’t choose to marry me I will kill your father.” She was thinking in her head. “If I marry him I will be married to a pirate and if I don’t he will kill daddy. What am I going to do?” Then she said aloud “I will marry you if my father or his people or Hector does not find me in 30 days wait make those 40 days.” The caption agreed. “If in 40 days your father does not find you I will marry you.” He said then I said “Yes.” Then he said “well ok then.”

    He left the room but he locked the door so I can’t get out. I was thinking “what if daddy or his people don’t find me I have to marry a pirate. I don’t want to marry a pirate at all.” I looked out the window to see if he was coming and where he is. He was string the ship. So I left to go throw his stuff. I looked at all the books. Then I looked at his desk. I saw a picture of a little girl and a young lady with a man standing with them.

    Then all of a sudden the caption was behind me. I said “Who are they?” he said nothing he had a sad look on his face. The man was wearing a suite and the little girl was wearing a dress with butterflies on it. The young lady was wearing a purple dress. He said “They were my daughter and my wife. They were killed by pirates. That’s way I became a pirate to revenge them.” I said “Wow that’s sad.” I started to hold my locket. He saw me doing that and he asked me “What’s up with that locket?” then I said “My mother gave it to me before she died. It has a pic of her and my father.” I had sad look on my face. “How did she died?” he asked