• Aeril Aya Yuro.”She held her hand out for me to shake and I only stared at her for a second then we shook hands. It didn’t hit me yet and then I blurted out. “Oh right! You’re one of the Yuro sisters.”
    She laughed again that same petite giggle that put you in awe.”Yup I’m the youngest of the four. Do you have any siblings?”
    I looked away and replied in a gentle tone “None as of now…I had an older brother but after my parents death he went missing.”
    “Oh ...I’m very sorry. It’s just well your last name is Wilson right?”
    “Yes… how did you…Why?”
    “Well there is another boy who will be going here as well with the same last name. That’s why I thought he was your brother or something. You two look alike as well.”
    I stared in disbelief at her words “May…may I know his name?”
    She kindly smiled and said his name “Kevin.”
    I was almost stunned to a point where I thought it would be great if I fainted so Aeril didn’t see the tears swelling up in my eyes. I couldn’t believe that my very own brother who I had lost years ago was attending the same school as me. I will finally be able to reconcile. All my past miseries and misunderstandings will be forgotten, or at least answered. I haven’t seen my brother for seven years. On the day we were separated was the day our parents died. I only remember a few things; there was a soft humming sound almost as if it was immortal. Like a goddess or something similar humming her favorite tune to a lover. And then the humming grew sadder… She was parting from her lover they were never to see each other again just as I was never to see my parents again...And my older brother or so I thought. When the humming ended so did my mother and fathers life. They died in a plane crash cradling my brother and me in their arms covering us from any harm that could come our way. We were the only survivors, my brother and me that is. From then on we were separated put into different houses with different families. I was then adopted by Andreas’ mother, now my mother even though I don’t feel comfortable calling her that. I stick with calling her Claudia. I thought I would never be able to see my older brother ever again. I wonder what he looks like… he must have changed a lot. My older brother with his long curly blonde hair and his bright green eyes. Looks nothing like me actually… My eyes are a deep blue and my hair is black and straight. Very different features, but it may be me who doesn’t resemble anyone from our family. I’m the odd one in this picture. While all of my thinking I had realized it was 7th period and almost time to go home. I went through the whole day thinking about meeting my brother. I hadn’t paid attention much on the first day. I better make up for it tomorrow at least take some notes instead of doodling all over my note books. It was already getting dark outside but it was only five in the afternoon. I looked up into the sky as it turned to purple grays and yellow oranges. I was zoning out once again when I felt a smack on the back of my head. I’m pretty positive on who this is…