• It was lunch. I was in line, when for some reason Jennifer sent me a message telepathically. I saw a vision. He broke her wrist and she was screaming at the top of her lungs. And worst, it was Eric. I dropped my food and ran towards where i saw them.
    "Well, look who actually showed up." He laughed.
    "What did you do?" I growled.
    "She knows something very important that I need to know about." He said.
    I looked at Jennifer struggling to get up. She had her other hand on her broken wrist. She was bleeding worst of all. Then out of no where, Eric jumped to attack me. He pushed me into the brick wall, and i nearly broke it. He laughed and went back to Jennifer and told her something. I got up from the debris and looked at him, he launched himself at me and i grabbed his neck. I ripped (without letting go) some of the skin off. He grabbed his throat and he knew there was a hole. He looked at me with tears and fell down to the ground.
    "Ahhhhh!" Jennifer yelled.
    He bit her, and worst if one vampire bites another vampire they automatically die. Too much enemy venom enters the body and slowly penetrates the other venom. I kissed her forehead and then I grabbed her arm. Slowly i split her skin and saw the enemy blood or venom. I sucked it in and gave her one last kiss.
    "No. You can't I-." She sobbed.
    I smiled and fell to the ground, and the last thing of my memory was a black church Jennifer was holding my hand a let a tear slip off her eye into my casket. I looked up, and the world turned black then on there. I remember something falling on my casket something dark and mysterious. Then something was punctured into the ground. Some people planted things, i don't know what though. Then somebody fell to their knees, and was screaming.