• ~Angel in Disguise~

    “No! No, this isn’t happening,” I said with tears running down my cheeks. “Father, please! Please, open your eyes!” We were in the hospital. My father had suffered a heart attack. The doctor rushed in followed by nurses.
    “Please leave miss,” one of the nurses said.
    “No! I’m staying by my father’s side no matter what!” That was when his heart rate goes faster [on the heart rate monitor] and all of a sudden…it stops.
    “Miss leave now!” The nurse pushes me out of the room.
    In the waiting room, my step mother seems happy that her wish has finally come true! My father dying… “It’s about time that old man dies,” she says.
    “How could say something like that?! My father always treated you and your two daughters with lots of respect and this is how you repay him?! All you want is money,” I yelled. She rolled her eyes while Victoria, the oldest daughter, laughed and Jessica, the youngest daughter, sat there crying. “Why is it that you treat me like crap,” I questioned her. Eve, my step mother, smacked me across the face causing me to fall back.
    “Mother, stop! Please, don’t hurt Candice,” Jessica said as she ran to my side.
    “She deserved it. She will treat me with RESPECT,” Eve replied. Victoria seemed to be amused by what was going on. She was smiling the whole time.
    “How the hell do you expect me to respect you after that slap,” I yelled at her. I got up and left. >>>>>>
    I opened it the door to my car and slammed it shut. I’m surprised it didn’t break. I started the engine and start driving.
    “How dare she? How dare she betray father? Not only does she hate me and father but she has another lover…,” I thought to myself. “Father…I can’t live without you… I lost everything….my childhood friend, who I can’t even remember, my mother, and now you.” My eyes turn watery and then a pain in my head hit me. My vision started getting blurry. I was driving on the wrong side of the lane when… “s**t!” BAM!
    Luckily, nothing happened to me. I breathe in and then out. I got out of my car about the same time the other driver gets out of his car. I get this feeling that I’ve been met him before but I can’t remember. His hair is spiked up and is half black and half blonde. Talk about being a big fan of Las Vegas. He had black pants with black boots, a black belt with a playing cards buckle, a gray shirt with a “Las Vegas” sign, and finally a black jacket [in the pic].
    “I’m so sorry sir,” I said softly. “I-I had a lot of things on my mind… and a-a headache… m-my vision got blurry,” I started stuttering.
    “Don’t worry about. I was on the phone so it iskinda is my fault as well,” he responded. I smiled. He was so kind and nice. Another person might have been yelling like a crazymad woman [xD I just love saying that]but he just stayed calm. “Excuse me for asking but have we met before,” he asked.
    “Not that I remember,” I lied.
    “Ok, then, I’m Kristian but people know me as Kiro,” Kiro said as he extended his hand.
    I smiled again, “I’m Candice,” I shaked his hand. At that moment, my headache got worst.
    "Kristian, what do you want to be when you grow up,” I asked him. We were about 8 years old.
    “I think I want to be part of a band with the stage name…Kiro! What do you think, Candi,” he asked me. [By the way, “Candi” is short for Candice]
    “Hmm…I think that’s an excellent idea! I’ll call you “Kiro” from now on,” I replied and smiled. He smiled back…
    >>>>>End Of Flashback>>>>
    “Kiro,” my vision blurred and I fell forward into Kiro’s arms…

    “Good morning Sleeping Beauty,” Kiro smiled.
    “Where am I? Kiro,” I sat up rubbing my eyes.
    “Well, you passed out…so I decided to bring you to my house and not the hospital. They will ask out a lot of questions unless if you want to go,” Kiro explained.
    “No, it’s ok,” I replied. I looked around. His room had a balcony with a view of the ocean. The breeze blow and it felt so gentle on my face. I got out of bed and, “Kiro, I know I shouldn’t be rude or anything but…what the hell happened to my clothes?!”
    “Err…when you fainted, you started sweating and I didn’t think you would want to sleep in those clothes so I…,” a light shade of pink appeared on his cheeks, “I had to change you into some of my clothes. It was either that or one of the otherguyswould have had to change you.”
    “What other guys,” I asked him.
    “Well, I’m on the tour with my band,” Kiro replied.
    >>>Flashback>>> “I think I want to be part of a band with the stage name…Kiro!” >>>>End Of Flashback>>>>
    “A…a band,” I asked.
    “Yea,” Kiro looked at me strangely, “Are you sure you’re alright? We can go to the hospital if you want?”
    “No. No, I’m fine. It’s just that…it’s…,” I look around, “still 1:00 o’ clock,” I said surprised.
    “Yea, it is. Actually, you have been out for exactly 24 hours,” Kiro said.
    “Wh-what?! 24 hours?! Oh no, I have to get to the hospital,” I said as I searched for my clothes.
    “Your clothes are over there and may I ask why you want to go to the hospital in such a hurry,” Kiro pointed to a dresser next to the bed. I opened one of the drawers and my clothes were there neatly folded.
    “My father…,” my eyes got watery, “My father suffered a heart attack and my step mother is just…just using him.” I couldn’t hold it anymore. The tears just ran down, one by one. A pair of arms wrapped around my waist from behind.
    “Don’t cry,” Kiro whispered in my ear.
    “I can’t stop…I’m losing everything…” Kiro turned me around so our eyes would meet.
    “Please don’t cry .Everything will be alright,” he wiped my tears with his thump, “I promise you.” He leaned as I closed my eyes. Before I knew it, our lips met. I pulled away not wanting to give him the wrong idea and I guess I also left him wanting more. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…,” Kiro began but I interrupted him.
    “No, it’s my fault as well for letting you kiss me…I think…I should go change now. Where’s the bathroom?” He pointed to a door on the right side of his bedroom.
    >>>>Kiro’s Point Of View>>>>>
    “So, she doesn’t remember me,” I thought, “I guess…how we got separated effect her that much that she preferred to forget it”
    “I don’t want you to see my daughter ever again,” Eve yelled.
    “Don’t yell at him! He didn’t do anything,” Candice said. She held my hand.
    “What’s so wrong about my son playing with Candice,” my mother questioned Eve.
    “Well…Candice isn’t focusing on her studies and I suppose that the cause of that is Kristian,” Eve replied.
    “No, it’s not his fault. The reason why I can’t focus is because I think about how you use my father,” Candice yelled. Eve raised her hand but I stopped her from slapping Candice.
    “Don’t hurt her,” I said.
    “I want both you and your mother out of my house NOW,” Eve screamed as she draggedCandice along with her. I grasped Candice’s hand but it wasn’t any good.
    “Kiro,” Candice cried.
    “Candi, don’t cry. Please, don’t cry. Everything will be alright,” I yelled and promisedas both of our mothers dragged as to our own separate ways. All I had left of Candice was the pedant she gave me…
    >>>>>End Of Flashback>>>>>
    I sat down at the edge of my bed, looking down to the pedant in my palm. I closed my hand, “Well, at least I have her back again with me…”

    >>>>>Candice’s Point Of View>>>>>
    “Everything will be alright huh? I feel like I known him for a long time…but I can’t remember…Why,” I thought to myself. I grabbed my head. The pain won’t go away…
    “Candice…father….he…,” Jessica said with tears, “Father…got worse…after…you left. I-I tried calling…calling you but…Mother said not to.”
    “What?! Where is Eve,” I asked her.
    “She’s with Father,” Jessica replied. I ran to my Father’s room and Kiro followed me. “Father!” I swung the doors opened.
    “Candice, what do you want now,” Eve said. She turned around and her eyes wided. Standing there right in front of here wasKiro. “K-Kristian,” Eve muttered.
    “Well, Eve, he is my Father after all. I deserve to see him,” I replied.
    “Eve, Candice, don’t start fighting now,” father softly said, “Can you two leave? I want to talk this gentleman.”
    “Father, don’t get the wrong idea! He’s not my boyfriend,” I said.
    “Oh, Candice, I just want to talk to him. I promise you that if I talk to this young man, I’ll get better.”
    “As you wish father,” I agreed.
    >>>>>>Kiro’s Point Of View>>>>>>
    “Kristian, my dear boy, you’ve grown up,” he smiled.
    “Mr. Taylor, I’m surprised you remember me. Candice doesn’t seem to have any memories of our childhood,” I said.
    “I know, but she has been having many headaches and dreams about her childhood. Kristian, I’m going to be in this hospital for lord knows how long. I want you to take care of Candice while I get better. Perhaps, that way she will start to remember more.” I nodded…
    >>>>>>>Candice’s Point Of View>>>>>>
    “So, what did my father want to talk about,” I asked curiously. We were walking out of the hospital.
    “Don’t worry, Candice! He just wants you to rest. That’s all,” Kiro smiled.
    “But I can’t go back to Eve’s house,” I replied.
    “Well, you can stay at my place until Mister…I mean…your father gets better,” Kiro quickly said.
    “Umm…ok! But first, I’m hungry.”
    “Let’s go to the Café then.”
    >>>>>Jessica’ Point Of View>>>>>
    “We need to get Kristian out of Candice’s life for good,” I overheard my mother say to Victoria. We were at home and I was supposed to be in my room.
    “Didn’t you do that like 10 years ago,” Victoria replied taking a sip of her wine.
    “I thought I did but now he’s back and I’m afraid Candice is starting to remember.”
    “Mother, please! Leave it all to me. I’ll make l sure that they don’t see each other again,” Victoria laughed evilly. Eve just smiled as they took another sip of wine.
    “I have to tell Candice,” I thought as I ran quietly to my room.

    >>>>>Candice’s Point Of View>>>>
    “I’m tired,” I said as I fell onto the bed.
    “Well, you can go to sleep,” Kiro suggested.
    “Nah, you said I slept for 24 hours. That’s a lot! Do you mind if I borrow some of your clothes?”
    A shade of light pink appeared on his cheeks, “Wh-why?”
    “Well, I’m not going to wear the same clothes everyday and I’m NOT going to Eve’ house,” I replied.
    “I-I umm…I have clothes in the closet and in the drawer. I have to do something! See you in about an hour or so.”
    “Sure. Bye!”
    “Nope, nope, nope, no, no, err…no,” I said as I looked at each shirt,” No, nope, I like this one though.” I took the light gray shirt off the hanger and placed it on the bed. “I guess I’ll just have to wear my leggings since none of his bottoms will fit me unless…nah!” I grabbed the shirt and towel and went in the bedroom.
    I stepped out of the bathtub and started to get dressed. As usual, I dry my hair, with the towel, before I put on my shirt and bottoms. “Holy s**t!”

    The bathroom door swung open and standing there was a guy. Silence…3…2…Scream!!! That is until he goes behind me and wraps his arm around my waist as he uses his other hand to cover my mouth.
    “Who are you and what are you doing here,” he asked as he finally removed his hand away from my mouth.
    “Me? I’m Kiro’s friend and you’re the one who shouldn’t be here. Now, let go of me!” I yelled as I struggled to get free.
    “Wait! Is that why Kiro has been locked up in his room all night yesterday? Don’t tell me that from a sweet, shy guy he turned to a crazy, “wild” guy?”
    “What?!? What kind of girl do you think I am?!?!? Let go of me now!!!”
    “And if I let go of you, do I get a prize,” he smirked.
    “No!!! I told you before, I’m not that type of girl!” We hear the sound of a car door close.
    “Well, play time is over,” he sighed as he grabs my wrist and pulls for me to walk.
    “What the hell?! I didn’t finish getting dressed,” I complained.
    “I don’t think this could get any worse,” I murmured and sighed. I was being carried on the guy’s shoulder to the kitchen I think. The door opened and Kiro stepped in. “Kiro,” I yelled happily.
    “Umm…Yu, is there a reason why you’re carrying Candice?”
    “You actually know her name. I thought you were using her as a one night stand or something so I was just going to kick her out.”
    “What,” I yelled again. This guy is really annoying!
    “A-A one night stand,” Kiro blushed.
    “Well, now that we know that you’re WRONG, do you think you could maybe, I don’t know, PUT ME DOWN,” I yelled, “Ow! You didn’t have to drop me on the floor you know.”
    “Yea, yea, we all want things we can’t have.” Yu sighed. I got up and went to Kiro’s side.
    “Candice this is Dirk but people call him, Yu. Yu, this is Candice.”
    >>>>>Jessica’s POV>>>>>
    “Hello,” I opened my mouth but before words came out, I heard, “This is Candice. I’m unavailable right now, but I will call ASAP!!”
    “Please leave a message after the beep,” the operator said. I hung up and threw my cell phone onto my bed.
    “Damn it!”
    >>>>>>Candice’s POV>>>>
    “So, it’s Strify, Yu, Romeo, and Shin, right,” I asked as I pointed to each one of them. They all nodded. “Nice to meet you all! I’m Candice,” I smiled. DING DONG!!! The door bell rang.
    “I’ll get it,” Shin got up and exited the room.
    “So, how did you and Kiro meet,” Strify asked.
    “Kiro claims that we are friends since we were little but I don’t seem to remember. It’s not that I don’t believe him. I mean...I want to remember…but I can’t,” I explained. Kiro looked away, trying to hide his sad face.
    “Candice, people are here to see,” Shin yelled.
    “I wonder who that could be,” I thought as we got up and head towards the door.

    “Victoria, Ryan, what are you two doing here,” I asked.
    “Candice,” Ryan yelled as he came up to me and gave me one huge bear hug.
    “Well, Candice, I figured since Kiro was back in town, then he should be back where he used to live as a little child,” Victoria explained, “By the way, Father wants to talk to you about something. He said it was VERY important…and I need to talk to Kiro.”
    “And I’m running out of air,” I manage to say.
    “Opps! Sorry Candice,” Ryan said letting going of me.
    >>>> Victoria’s POV >>>>
    “Kristian, I think it’s better if you forget about Candice.” I began to say, “She’s not the…”
    “Why should I believe you, Victoria,” Kiro replied, “You and your mother were always trying to keep me and Candice apart.”
    “She…she is not the perfect girl for you…Why can’t you see that… I will ALWAYS be the one for you!! I will NEVER forget you! But, after all of this, you still love Candice.”
    “She is different from you and all the other girls. I will always love Candice no matter how many girls I have. I’m sorry, Victoria.”
    “Please, she is going to follow Father’s orders and leave YOU behind. Just stay with me and you wouldn’t suffer. Leave her before…,” I took a step closer with each word, “Before she leaves you…” When our faces were close to each other, I gave him a kiss. Right at the moment, Candice walked in as Kiro pushed me off of him.
    >>>> Candice’s POV>>>>
    “Sorry for interrupting whatever is going here but you two were taking too long,” I said looking down with a sad face and started leaving.
    “Wait, Candice,” Kiro yelled as he ran after me.
    Victoria smiled evilly [>:}]. “Oh Candice, you are so easy to trick,” Victoria said to herself.
    Once Kiro caught up to me, he turned me around so that I was facing him, “Candice, I…,”
    “Look, you don’t have to give me explanations. I mean, it’s not like we are going out…we are just friends.” I left to join Strify, Ryan and the others back in the living room.
    >>>> Later>>>>
    Night came back pretty quick. I was thinking about what happened early. Am I jealous? I think the answer to that is yes. But why? Do I like him? I was on the balcony, looking at the beautiful full moon in the sky companied by stars. The breeze felt nice on my face. However, the headache came back but not as strong as the one I had when I met Kristian.
    I heard the bedroom door open and Kiro stepped in, “Are you still mad?”
    “I told you before. We are just friends so I shouldn’t get mad if you kiss a girl. You can kiss as many as you like as long as you are NOT goingout with me. I’m going to go to bed. I don’t feel well.”
    “Candice, I hate to see you upset. It’s so unlike you.” I didn’t care. I just walked right pass him.
    “Can we please leave this for tomorrow? I don’t feel like arguing now,” I replied as I tucked myself into the bed… >>>> Morning>>>> “Candice, what a surprise to see you here. I thought you wouldn’t come but I guess Victoria did manage to drag you here,” my Father replied. He was still in the hospital but at least he wasn’t in any harmful condition and he was happy.
    “I guess she did…,” I was still upset.
    “May I please talk to my daughter in private?” Eve rolled her eyes and left followed by Victoria. Jessica wasn’t here. How strange! Maybe she was sick or something. “My dear daughter, you have grown up so fast. I wish I would have spent more time with you instead of always being away on business trips.”
    “Father, please don’t talk like that,” I knelt beside him and grabbed his hand, “You will get better and leave this hospital. I’m sure of it.”
    “But I wouldn’t live for long. All I wish for now, is to see you get married before I die…”
    A tear escaped my eye, “I’ll…I’ll do anything to make you happy so…I will be wed.”
    I walked out of the room.
    “Candice, I was going to tell you but I knew you wouldn’t believe me. I think it would be best if you marry Ryan,” Victoria’s voice came from behind.
    “Why should I listen to you,” I asked.
    “How do you know Kristian is lying to you?”
    “What,” I asked shocked. “Well, I was thinking, for your own good, about when we were little…but I can’t remember him being one of our friends.”
    “You always told lies to me and him. I can’t trust you now and never.” I stormed out of the hospital.
    “Mother, I think I got her confused. That might help into forcing her to Ryan, don’t you think,” Victoria asked.
    “It might help but we have to keep our heads up.”
    “Well, should I believe her or not,” I questioned myself. “Father wants me married. Victoria is getting closer to Kiro. And I can’t remember if Kiro really is my friend or is he just making this all up.”
    I looked up and closed my eyes as the first raindrop fall on my face. “I guess I should marry Ryan. He hasn’t done anything.” It starting raining harder with each step I took. “All I have to do istalk to him…”

    “Promise me that you won’t’ forget no matter what happens” “I promise, Kiro, that I will never forget.”

    “How do you know if Kristian is lying to you. I don’t remember having a friend named “Kristian.”
    “Candice, I want you to get marry before I die…”
    The pain in my head was unbelievable. “Who should I believe?” I grabbed my head with my hand. The sky above me starting spinning and I just had to fall back.
    Before I reached the floor, someone caught me. I looked up to see Kiro’s worried face.
    “Candice, what are you doing here? Where were you?!” Was the last thing I heard before my eyes closed shut.
    I woke up in a room hoping that this was all just a nightmare but I was wrong. It was reality.
    “Candice, if you keep fainting, I’m going to take you to a doctor.”
    “I’m fine but I want to go home. I don’t want stay here anymore…”
    “Victoria told you something didn’t she? There’s nothing going on between us. I would never try to hurt you in anyway.” He looked at me with eyes that said he was telling the truth.
    “But I really need to go home. I need clothes after all.” I smiled.
    He smiled back, “Then, we’ll go buy you some new ones.”
    After the whole shopping time, night time came again. I was laying on the bed face up with my head hanging on the edge of the bed. “Jessica called me…,” I wondered, “Maybe to talk me that Victoria was looking for me…”

    >>>>>>>>>> Jessica’s POV>>>>>>>
    “From now on, I don’t want you to leave this room expect to eat, go to the bathroom, and to go to school,” Victoria said to me.
    “You can’t keep me in here forever,” I yelled.
    “Not forever! Just until Candice gets married, then you are free to go where you want. And just to make sure, I’m taking away your laptop and cell phone. I’ll have the servants bring you dinner.” She slammed the door shut.
    >>>>>>>> Morning/Candice’s POV >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    I woke up the next morning to hear the door bell ring right when I opened my eyes. It was 8:30 in the morning. I sat up and looked around. Kiro was sound asleep so I decided to go downstairs and see who it was. To my surprise, when I opened the door, Victoria came in and Ryan just rolled his eyes, waiting to be invited in.
    “Umm…Ryan, thank you for waiting for me to invite you in. Not like other people I know,” I said.
    “I’m going to go to the bathroom,” Victoria said. “It’s down the hall, to your left,” I said as she exited the room. “So, Ryan,…how’s your love life going?”
    He smirked,” It’s going ok…I guess, but I’m single now. Why?
    “Remember…remember when we were younger? You said that you owed me a favor.”
    Ryan sighed and said, “Alright! Who am I dating this time? That’s usually our deal.”
    “Ryan, I…I want us to…well, get ‘married’,” I said using air quotes on the word “married”, “Please, Ryan, my father wants to see the day I get married before it’s too late.”
    “Fine, Candice, you are my friend after all.” I laid my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my waist.
    >>>>>>>>>>Meanwhile/Kiro’s POV>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    “Victoria, get off of me,” I said pushing her back, “Who let you in anyway?”
    “Candice did! She’s downstairs with Ryan so I thought that I should accompany you,” she smiled as she wrapped her arms around my neck.
    “Why don’t we go downstairs Victoria,” I suggested and grabbed her wrists.
    “Are you jealous? Don’t be! We can do it so much better…”
    “Victoria, seriously, leave!”
    “But I don’t want to interrupt Candice and Ryan,” Victoria smirked.
    “Wh-what?! I don’t care what they do downstairs. She is just my friend.and Iwant you out of here!”
    She laughed, “You shouldn’t be jealous! She doesn’t deserve you…” She slightly pressed her lips against mine…
    >>>>>Candice’s POV>>>>
    My head laid on his lap as he played with my hair. “Are you going to the carnival,” I asked.
    “Well I was but now I’m getting engaged. Why couldn’t we do this later? I was supposed to find my other half in this carnival” He sighed.
    “Find or screw them?” He played along by “gasping”. “Candice, I am very offended by your statement!” I just laughed.
    “Don’t worry! I promise…” Before I could finish, Victoria and Kiro walked in the room.
    “Wow! I never met someone who took forever just to go to the bathroom. And what’s worse is that she is being followed by a guy,” Ryan said. I hit him in the rib with my elbow.
    “Good morning sunshine,” I faked smiled and got off the sofa, “I forgot that I didn’t introduce you to Ryan. Ryan, this is Kristian but he likes to be called Kiro and Kiro this is Ryan.”
    Ryan stood next to me, “Candice, can I talk to you in the kitchen?”
    “I don’t like you one bit,” Ryan said still keeping his wonderful smile.
    I smiled back, “May you please…STOP SMILING LIKE A RETARD?!? IT IS REALLY CREEPY!!!” His smile quickly turned to a frown.
    “Good morning sunshine,” Ryan said copying me.
    “I didn’t know what to say! I actually thought that Kiro will still be sleeping by the time you two left! He caught me off guard,” I defended myself.
    He rolled his eyes, “Anyway, about the carnival I thought that maybe…,”