• boy: hey i didn't see you at school today
    girl: i was tired so i didn't go today
    boy: you sound tired are you okay?
    girl; of course in always fine
    boy: haha yeah you are
    girl: *laughs without humor* well i have to go
    boy: ok bye
    boy; hey
    girl: hey i had a question
    boy; shoot
    girl: do you love me
    boy: of course why
    girl: if I said that i love you would that be enough for the rest of your life
    boy: yes it would why are you asking these questions
    girl: because i love you
    *the girl shoves the boy out of the way and stands in front of him at that moment a man with a gun shoots her*
    boy: No!! wake up *he says with her in his arms*
    girl: thank you and remember I love you I once said i would take a bullet for you and i never go back on m promises.
    *with that the girl closed her eyes for good*
    boy: please don't do this the boy cried i love you with all of my life


    the boy is found lying on the floor where the girl died with a note folded saying I said that you meant the world to me now that you are gone I have no world a gun laying beside him and a pool of blood surrounding him

    Love is not a game <3