• Date: 6/18/09

    Doctor: Hello again Karyla, how are you today?

    Key: Sick. I'm not a junkie, what's with the needle being forced into my arm?

    Doctor: *sympathetically* I'm sorry, I'll have the nurse find something that's less likely to cause nausea.

    Key: Why not just stop drugging me. Less side effects and it'll give you more time to take everything I say out of context.

    Doctor: It's a precaution. We do have quite extensive records of what you're capable of and after what happened a few days ago I thought it was for the best.

    Key: *staring at her fingers*

    Doctor: I'd like to think you didn't mean any harm, but you had a good number of my newer staff frightened. *leaning forward* What did you see Key?

    Key: *Not looking up* You know it could've been I didn't like the new nurses. It'd make sense, they were loud. A forced kind of nice. Couldn't trust them. If I hadn't freaked them out, someone else would've.

    Doctor: That doesn't explain what happened. It's not everyday one of our less...troubled residents threatens to kill a nurse. It's not like you Key. I want to know why you decided to attack her.

    Key: *whispering* It wasn't her I was after.

    Doctor: There wasn't anyone in the room when the ordearlies arrived. Was there one of 'them' in the room? Maybe your Jericho.

    Key: NO! *a shiver travels through her body* No. It was just something small. I should've known better. I do know better. I overreacted. *talking to herself* I should be able to hide this better. It should be easier.

    Doctor: That's not why you're here Karyla. Hiding things from us, will only make your condition worse. We want to help you.

    Key: I've heard that before. Heard it a lot actually. *sighing* Why are we wasting time. You're not really listening to me.

    Doctor: I'm trying to understand...

    Key: *scoffing* No you're not. You're trying to figure out what's wrong with me. The problem is, there's nothing there. No abuse, no neglect, no sign of crazy in my family, nothing. I broke, cracked hard, and everytime I try..try to find the reason...It's so lost...*voice wavering* It's lost....

    Doctor: *cough* Karyla...Key, why don't you tell me more about your time in the world. You said it had been encrouching more on you. How?

    Key: I...I can't really explain it. It's...*pulling her knees up to her chest* It was scary. I..I first entered the world, really entered it as a teenager. I...I was with my dad. One of those rare moments together with him. *smiles softly at the memory* He went into a building to buy some ice cream or something, was silly really I had to be thirteen at that time and getting a tub of sherbert and a movie was so...*shakes her head* He was gone for all of four minutes before it happened. Things shimmered for a second and then...I...I don't know...

    Doctor: If it's too much we could come back to it.

    Key: No. It's just hard to explain. It was like...like I was seeing double, but not really. Like having on those old 3-D glasses. I could see the real world, the solid things, and at the same time, beneath or...or maybe above all of that was this...this place. There were so many different colors. Different skies, trees...everything. I saw these...these people, things I hadn't seen before just...just talking, laughing, together while other people, real people, just walked through them. Didn't stop, couldn't really see them. It was...hard to grasp. Two things can't be together, be so over lapping and not interact or acknowledge the others existence. I almost threw up from the vertigo from that one.

    Doctor: I see...

    Key: Said the blind man to the deaf. No you don't. You can't. *putting her head on her knees* I almost went with them that time. Almost.

    Doctor: What stopped you.

    Key: *smirking* A VW Beetle. I tried to cross the street to get to them, I didn't see the car, not before or after it almost hit me.

    Doctor: You don't have any extensive medical records. You obviously didn't suffer any injuries from the impact.

    Key: You really don't listen. It ALMOST hit me. Dad told me later that it was a miracle. The car just froze in the middle of the street. He'd worried of course, said I was in some kind of trance, that I was lucky to be alive.

    Doctor: I take it from your tone that you don't agree with your father.

    Key: No. I was lucky to be alive at that moment, maybe not later on, but right then I was extremely lucky. But he was wrong. It wasn't a miracle. Jericho...He'd stopped the car. Stopped it for me. He stepped in front of it, and for the first time he opened his wings as wide as they would go, and for a few seconds. A few horrible seconds, I saw only the World and everything in it. I could feel them, all of the living things that inhabited that place, they were breathing and moving and just BEING. I could feel them and I knew, knew deep deep down that they could feel me too. And they didn't like it.

    Doctor: What happened afterwards?

    Key: Nothing. Jericho gave me a sad smile and flew off, and dad...I don't remember. I past out after dad came and grabbed me. I woke up a few days later back in my old bed. Mom was beside me, said I had a fever and I needed to rest. She's never been the 'mothering' type so that was a...interesting experience to say the least. She almost killed me.

    Doctor: *raising a brow*

    Key: *frowning at him* It's a figure of speech. She made soup. Burnt soup. She's the only person in the GALAXY who can actually burn soup. *chuckles* Least I had Jericho by my side. He kept me safe.

    Doctor: Key you keep speaking of Jericho in two different ways. Was he a friend or an enemy?

    Key: Neither...both...*sighing* He just was. I didn't want him to leave so he didn't, that's all I needed. Yeah there were problems, a lot of people were hurt, but...but that was okay. He was My Jericho. *shrugs* Why'd I need someone else?

    Doctor: *Quietly* Do you want to talk about Amanda?

    Key: *sneering* Amanda was a b***h. She got what she deserved.

    Doctor: I would think at this point you would've dropped this attitude. By all accounts you two WERE friends at one point.

    Key: Yeah. We were. *hugs her knees closer* She could see them. Not as much as I could, not the double vision, but she could see them. Amanda wasn't the first I'd met with the sight, and she wouldn't be the last, but she was open about it and half sane. *she smiles and pushes a piece of hair behind her ear* Yeah, sanity amoung the sighted ain't common. We hung out and compared stories, it was nice not to be alone. It wasn't so lonely.

    Doctor: So why'd you hurt her? If she was there, why push her away so violently.

    Key: *eyes going cold* She stepped over the bounds. There were rules, there are ALWAYS rules. We don't tell others, we don't provoke them, we don't push when we don't have to. Problem was, she didn't know how to do anything but push, so she pushed hard. We were just talking one day, it was in public no danger from any side. They don't attach themselves so much around too many. Amanda spotted one. A pack of horned boys, trailing behind some chick with a notebook. I was just going to shake it off, I mean horny boys will be boys right *chuckles softly* Amanda didn't agree. She screamed at them, told them to leave her alone. Made a scene. Everyone was looking at us, which was bad enough, but the boys...they stared at us. Not just her, but us. I tried to get her to walk home right then, but she laughed it off said they wouldn't touch us in the 'real world', load of bull. It was late, street lights had come on by the time we started for home. I kept my head down, but her she was so proud.

    Doctor: Proud she'd confronted the 'horned boys'.

    Key: Yeah. Wasn't so proud when they started trailing us, or when they chased and cornered us in an alley.Five of them, all horns, hooves, and prissy attitude. That's what happens though. None of them like to think that us 'lower animals' can actually find the brain cells to notice them. They always react like that when we get out of place.

    Doctor: How'd you manage to protect yourself?

    Key: I didn't have to. I wasn't the one they wanted. They did such horrible things to her. When someone finally decided to call the police she was almost dead, beaten bloody, everything.

    Doctor: You didn't stop them, try to save her.

    Key: No.

    Doctor: She said it was you. The police report...

    Key: *slamming her hands on the desk* YOU THINK I DON'T KNOW THAT?! THINK I DIDN'T GET DRAGGED KICKING AND SCREAMING THROUGH ALL THAT SHAT?! SHE'D HAVE SAID ANYTHING! ONCE YOU CROSS THE LINE AND GO AS FAR AS SHE DID THERE'S NO CROSSING IT AGAIN. *settling back in her seat, but still seething* She knew better, had learn the hard way. You only get to test fate once and talk about it.

    Doctor: You never crossed the line though.

    Key: Yeah, I did. Did something worst than Amanda ever got the chance to and I paid for it. Paid a lot more than a couple months in the hospital and a gimp leg.

    Doctor: How do you figure that?

    Key:Well *looking up* I'm in here aren't I?