• Chapter 1

    I stared out the window of the pale green bus we were riding on.I finally had my wish three month vacation from the busy and rushing sounds of New York. I closed my eyes. My silver hair flew across my face.We were in Nebraska now and we could see the wide open fields,the cows and sheep.Just the way I had expected it.My bright blue eyes stared out the window.My eyes slid to the lush green trees.I looked in front of me,but then I had a strange feeling I saw something I looked again. We were past it now. Maybe the ride was causing me to hallucinate.I thought I saw red saphire eyes staring at me.
    The camp was already active and loud.Some people were climbing trees others horse back riding and then some people were talking.No one caught my eye until I saw him.His hair was white and blood red eyes stared at the people around him.Then they looked at me and they turned a mellow green.He smiled and his smile made me wonder was his eyes ever red?Was I day dreaming?I slowly began my walk off the bus and when I stepped off he looked at me with his smile.My cheeks turned rose red.Then I noticed he was walking.Towards me.
    Hello.What is your name?Sabrina.Um,you?Zack,my parents own the camp and I greet everyone as they arrive.Would you like a tour?What!We just met I,mean,aren't you going to ask anything else or say anything.He smiled and laughed well miss Sabrina do you believe in vampires?Um....No,actually I don't believe in any of that.His smile widened.Now can I give you a tour?Sure,I don't see much of a point in arguing.Then let's go.Maybe I was losing it.
    The forest first?Sure,I love nature.Good.He had the gentlest touch as he helped pull me through the enormous crowds gathering.When we made it to the forest entrance I looked into the forest.Are you sure?A sly smile slipped over his pale white face.Then let's go.We began our walk into the forest.Barely any light slid into the forest canopy.It looked like an whole other world.Well,first off you see that tree without moss and the largest one.Yea.That is the king tree.That smaller one slightly covered in moss is the queen and those three small one covered in moss is chess mate.Why chess mate?I'll tell you one day.He looked up.A smile crossing his face.The more he showed that smile the more hypnotized I became.We wee walking more now and I wondered what we were going to.You want to race?Me?Yea,you!Let's go.Sure.Ready?Set.Go!I put all my speed in it and he was left in my dust.Sabrina?Come help.Help me save me.I looked all around.Was he messing with me?Then I saw a cute little white house a pink roof and blue doors.I began to walk to it.The door was opening slightly.Come Sabrina.Come you can help.