• Chapter 3: Confused

    Sigh... Thank you Kato wherever you are. Wait... Kato is Shizu's bat... Dees that mean something? I just don't understand. How is this possible. Is... Shizu a vampire?

    Chapter 4: The Talk

    "Hey Ayaka! Wait up!" Ayaka turned around to see who was calling her. It was Shizu. "Hey Shizu." "I have something ot tell you Ayaka...",said Shizu. "Um... What is it?" "I like you. You saved my bat. You never crowded around me like the other girls did. And you're pretty and nice like everyone else said. So... Um..." Oh my gosh. Is he going to ask me out? Eek! "Will you go out with me Ayaka?" He actually did it. I don't know how to answer. "Uh... I will. But... There's the oter girls too remember? And with Jenna around... I don't know what's going to happen. It's just----" And Ayaka was cut off with a kiss. Her first kiss. With someone that she loved. Her beloved. And Shizu loved her back too. So this has to mean something right? "Don't worry Ayaka. I'll make sure none of those girls will hurt you. I'll always be by your side." Shizu said. And then he kissed her softly on her lips then kissed her forehead. "I'll be going now then." "Wait! Shizu!" Shizu turned around and smiled. "Yes?" "Are you..." He's going to think I'm crazy... "Are you a vampire?"