• A free, sweet, savory atmosphere fills the air around us. Oh, how I love it so! The air is so delicious- so lighthearted. I love to dance and frolic around the sky and the sun’s shining, stunning light. No other sky can be as beautiful and pretty as this one! What other skies do you know of that are naturally orange?

    I just love it here- no other place like it! Then again, I’ve never been anywhere else except for here, but I just know there is no other place better than here! …Wherever here may be.

    Cloud leaping is so much fun- I’d say I’m best, but then again, my friend, Hendrix, always beat me at it.

    What’s that? Who is Hendrix? Why, he’s one of my most bestest friend ever! The dude is just made to be awesome, and his hair is so cool- I swear, it defies the laws of gravity. And yes, I do know what the laws of gravity are!

    Anyway, back to Hendrix! What should I say about him? Well, for starters, he has blue hair- and it’s natural! Most of the times, people have red, blonde, brown, or black hair, but Hendrix was naturally created with blue hair. The Maker said it was an honest mistake, but if you ask me, he just wanted to see how a person would look with colored hair!

    Huh- what’d you say? Who am I? How dare you- I am the one and only MoMica! And yes, the emphasise on my name is very important- well, to me at least. Why- ‘cause it looks cool! My hair isn’t as awesome and cool like Hendrix’s, but mine looks purple in certain lighting!

    Anyway, onward with my strange rant- I wonder how I started this rant anyway. Now, I’m not human- at least, not yet. You see, me- plus everyone else in wherever we are- do and don’t exist. It’s hard to explain but to put it in simpler forms, we are waiting for our time to go down to Earth and make a certain couple happy with a child! Hey, there is something before life! If there’s something after life, there is obviously something before it!

    I really need to stay on topic. Our Maker- or God, as I’ve heard before- creates a large number of people, and then He sends a selected few down to Earth. Once down there, those few live their lives until they meet someone they love (or at least far enough for them to mate. You see, when two people fall deeply in love with each other, they make a baby- well, they help, at least.

    It’s the Maker’s job to see what the two people look like and then find the perfect child to fit. The only thing that sucks about this is that you get sent down as a baby and have to spend about nine months in the female’s belly- or a male’s but that hardly ever happens. I know this is a hard concept to understand, but it is really hard for someone like me to explain, so don’t complain!

    When a child is sent down to a couple, his/her memories are lost forever. Those they met here are long forgotten, though there have been times when they become siblings or friends on Earth, so it’s not the biggest loss.

    It kind of makes me sad- I don’t want to forget about Hendrix, he’s my most splendiferous friend! I’d hate to have to leave and probably never see him again.

    I’ve looked down to Earth a few times and I must say I don’t like the looks of it down there. It’s scary, gross, and really stupid! First off, there're complete idiots who sell themselves for some green paper! Second, it's all dirty down there! Plus, there’s this thing called Global Warming and that doesn’t seem cool- be nice to your home you stupid humans! It can’t do everything on its own!

    However, there are lots of weird gadgets and gizmos down there- I’d sure like to play with those, though nobody would let me touch them ‘cause of my insanity!

    I always wonder when my time will come to go down there- I’ve been here for a pretty long time! More than centuries, yet I look like I’m ten, which is somewhat disturbing! Hendrix actually looks younger than me- maybe eight or nine. Oh well, he’s still my bestest buddy.

    Let’s talk about Hendrix a bit more. I said he was awesome, but he’s really quiet and timid. He’s got super pale skin. I swear it’s not even a faded peach- it’s just white! If you put the two of us at least 100 yards away from you, it’ll be easy to tell who’s Hendrix and who’s me. My skin is a deep chocolate and looks a lot darker when someone sees us together!

    He’s really good at singing, but since he’s so quiet and shy no one knows about that nice voice of his. His voice is sweet and he sounds like a five years old singing- but it’s so cute!

    Now, don’t get the wrong idea- I don’t like him like that, but he can be so cute sometimes! I’m like one of those girls on Earth who squeal whenever they see babies or kittens with such large, sparkling eyes- I think they’re called fan girls.

    Since we aren’t humans yet, I guess you could call us Angels (or the Before Angels, since we are before life itself). I know I don’t mind, after all, we do have wings. They’re real feathery and soft- like a cloud! NO- we don’t have halos! Those only come in when you die! Not in the life before!

    Oh, I got off topic again, didn’t I? Sorry, it’s a habit of mine, just ask Hendrix. That kid comes up with the cutest nicknames- I got the nickname of MoMo- again, the extra capital ‘M’ is necessary!

    No one knows the true name of this paradise- not even our Maker- however; me and Hendrix like to call it the “World Before”. Don’t you think it fits perfectly?

    Anyway, Hendrix, despite his shyness, is very smart when he talks. He uses really big words that hurt my little brain! He uses things like miraculously, or livid, or sometimes he’s just speaking so fast it is gibberish to me!

    Hendrix and me- maybe I should start using ‘I’- never leave each other’s side. Except, when we need a potty break, or when I break out into my usual spastic ways.

    I’m random and very hyper, which is why I’m not allowed to have sugar, but Hikaru sneaks me some just to see me jump around and bite people’s heads. Me plus sugar equals insanity!

    Everything here is just perfect for me, I wish I could stay here forever, but I will be picked out one day. I’m not sure about Hikaru though- since he’s got natural blue hair, it’ll be harder for the Maker to pick out the perfect (or close to perfect) couple to have him.

    He doesn’t mind though, he thinks he wouldn’t be the best pick for kid. Oh how wrong he is! The couple that gets him will be the luckiest ever in the history of history!

    It’s getting late- night’s coming soon, and I’m tired. I move off to bed, sleeping in until tomorrow afternoon.