• - stay with me, Naruto -

    Naruto turned around, still ready to fight. But a sudden jolt stopped him. His eyes were widened, the pain not yet there, and he looked down to see the sword directly through his chest. The pain hadn't hit him yet, but his entire body trembled. As the blood began to drip from the wound, his eyes widened even more, the pain coming to him at last, and he fell to his knees.
    ' W-what..? ' he thought to himself as he fell to the ground, not moving at all.

    Sasuke had his sword in one hand as the other hand wipe blood from his mouth.
    He was panting slightly hard as he exchanged a glance with Kabuto, the one who had thrown the kunais.
    He only saw Naruto fall to his knees out of the corner of his eyes.
    Sasuke turned quickly enough to see Naruto fall to the ground, his eyes widened just a bit and a strange feeling in his gut almost made him throw up.
    ' I shouldn't care.. I shouldn't care by now. ' He thought.
    Keeping his expression emotionless he walked over to Naruto, sliding his sword back into it's sheath that was strapped to his back.
    He bent down and put his hand on Naruto's shoulder, turning him over so that he could see his face.

    Naruto's hand shot up, grabbing Sasuke's neck, though his hand was still trembling. His eyes flashed with pain, both emotional and physical, and fury. "S-Sas...uke..." he pretty much growled, his grip slowly tightened around Sasuke's neck. What seemed to be Red chakra started forming around his body as it seemed to push him up off the ground and lift him up into a standing position.
    His teeth turned into long fangs and his nails grew long like claws, digging into Sasuke's neck.
    The wind picked up as leaves blew harshly around them as the chakra spread and seemed to be acting on its own.
    His hair became spikier and his eyes glowed a dark red, filled with hatred and fury, " Sas..u..ke! "

    Sasuke winced as Naruto slowly lifted him off the ground. " N- naruto.. " He choked out as blood spilled from his neck. He grabbed Naruto's arm and performed Chidori, the blue lightning climbing up Naruto's arm in a loud high pitched screeching noise.

    Naruto growled viciously and the third tail formed. Still growling he dropped Sasuke, punching him hard in the stomach sending him flying right into a tree.

    Sasuke winced as he hit the tree with so much force the tree snapped in half.
    He stood up slowly and frowned at the already inhuman Naruto. He pulled his sword out again as chidori chirped loudly and climbed down to the tip of the sword.
    ' T- this is Naruto? '

    Kabuto took a step back, his eyes widened. All he could do was watch, for he was no match for either of them.

    Naruto's eyes flickered back to where Sasuke was. He was beyond rational thinking, and instantly ran toward Sasuke, going in for another attack.
    As he ran the ground crumbled underneath him, he raised his hand and a huge chakra hand flew into the air and slammed down on Sasuke.

    Sasuke was covered in rocks and he couldn't see. He used chidori and the whole area around him blew up, " Da**it Naruto! " He muttered under clenched teeth.
    His curse seal spread over his face and down his body. It glowed a strange red before he turned into his final stage.
    He used the huge hands that came out of his side as wings, flying over Naruto and attacking from the back.
    Sasuke was about to attack him when he had a sudden flash back of the time he and Naruto had fought that one last time before he left to go to Orochimaru.
    His hands clenched into fists as soon as he thought that bastards name.
    But it made him almost stop, grabbing his sword and pinning Naruto to the ground, the sword at Naruto's throat.

    Naruto struggled under Sasuke's grasp as chakra was building up that would easy blow the whole damn place to peices.
    He was growling like crazy. But something happened where his eyes flickered for just a split second, " Sas..u..ke..? " But then he winced and began snarling again.

    There was a strange feeling deep down inside of Sasuke. It felt almost like.. he..like he.. cared. ( like this will ever happen =p ) He put his hands on Naruto's face, ignoring the burn that was literally eating away at his skin. " Naruto? .. Naruto can you hear me? " He looked deep into the blood red eyes that seemed to only exist for the blood lust. And deep down behind the monster that layed inside of Naruto, Sasuke saw a friend.

    Naruto snarled and was actaully snapping and snarling in Sasuke's face. And with one twitch of his hand there was a huge explosion, setting almost everything in sight on fire.
    Sasuke was nocked out momentarily as Naruto lost almost all of humanity.

    Sasuke opened his eyes slowly, his ears ringing in a muted manner from the loud explosion that literally happened right in his ear.
    He rolled over onto his stomach and pushed himself to his feet. " Naruto! God Da**it look at me! "
    And with that Naruto's eyes flickered towards Sasuke.

    " Naruto.. " Said a deep, low voice.. " Let me show him.. let us show them all what we can do.. Let me go, undo this seal.. and i will destroy everything. Sasuke..the Akatski.. We'll kill them all.. we will kill them all, together. " The Kyubii's eyes opened and stared at Naruto with a strange gleam of blood lust.
    Naruto blinked into the darkness. " Sasuke.... " He took a few steps foward,the sound of footsteps in water echoed through the emptyness, towards the huge gates with the seal that would unlock the Kyubii and all it's rage.
    " Yes.. " Said the Kyubii with a low, quiet, demonic laugh. " Undo this seal and we'll kill everybody who has done you wrong! "

    On the outside Naruto was just standing there, looking dazed. His blood red eyes half open in a dream like manner.

    Sasuke saw an opening and ran full speed at Naruto, nocking him down to the ground and again putting his hands on Naruto's face.
    " Naruto?! " Sasuke had to get Naruto's attention, or the whole village would be even more destroyed than it already is.

    Naruto took another step farther into the darkness, closer to the gates that held the Kyubii prisoner. " Yes... Yes.. Naruto.. let me free. " The Kyubii pressed on.
    Naruto's hand reached out to pull the seal, his fingers on the hem of the thin peice of paper.

    Sasuke slapped Naruto harshly, " Naruto?! S-stay with me! N- Naruto! " And as he said this Naruto's skin was slowly being pulled back and burnt off by the masive amount of Chakra.
    Naruto struggled under Sasuke again, but this time not from hatred or to fight.. but because the pain was almost unbearable. He screamed out in pain as the skin that was being peeled off was being replaced by burning blood red flesh from the Kyubii.

    Naruto was about to pull the seal off when he fell to his knees, gripping his hair and screaming out in pain, just as the real Naruto did.
    The Kyubii snarled harshly, " Do it! break the seal god da**it! "
    Naruto just covered his ears and face, screaming out in pure agony.

    Sasuke's eyes widened as he panicked, not knowing what to do. " Naruto?! Naruto! " He looked Naruto in the eyes and got real close to his face,
    " Naruto.. naruto stay with me.."
    Kabuto sat up and rubbed the back of his head. Then noticed Sasuke with Naruto. " Sasuke-kun..? "

    Naruto, still screaming, stood up and stumbled back into the darkness, " No! No! " He screamed, " I will not let you take over me!! " He screamed, as if the pain had brought back at least some humanity. " NO! " He screamed again.
    Outside Naruto was at six tailes. The only thing keeping him from blowing sasuke's face off was Pure will.
    He pulled and scratched at Sasuke's arms and chest, ripping his shirt and causing much blood to spill.

    But Sasuke just stared at him with sad and stubborn eyes. " Naruto, come back.. "

    Naruto barely heard Sasuke's voice, and was focusing everything he had on that sound. " S-sas..uke.. " He choked out just as he let out another scream of pain.
    Naruto was about to change into the mini Kyubii, his skin was turning a dark red and and formed with everything. It was the full body of the Kyubii just smaller.

    Sasuke stumbled backwards and took a few long steps backwards as the kyubii let out a huge roar that was mixed with rage and pain.
    And with every step Naruto took the ground seemed to explode.

    " Sasuke- kun?! " Yelled a new voice. Sasuke turned to see Yamato, one of Naruto's newer sensei's, standing a few yards away. Sasuke had no idea who it was and didn't say anything, just stared.
    Yamato looked at the small Kyubii with wide eyes, as it looked back with murderous eyes.
    The kyubii roared and started running towards them.
    Sasuke pulled out his sword at the same time five large tree branches came from Yamato's hands and wrapping around Naruto.
    Five more branches surrounded him and made a circle of Pillars around him. Yamato let out a large breath and continued, taking a few steps foward and what seemed to be a chakra rope flew almost instantly into the kyubii's chest.
    Sasuke's eyes widened, " W- what are you- ? "
    But Yamato didn't hear him, he had his eyes closed and he was murmering chants and concentrating on hand seals.

    The kyubii's front paws clawed at the chakra rope with no sucess as he seemed to slowly get weaker.
    It let out a roar that soon turned into a pained cry of a boy.

    Suddenly there was another voice, Kakashi Hatake, current Sensei of Naruto and the old team seven that included Sasuke. Kakashi looked at Sasuke with wide eyes at first but quickly looked up at what was started to actually look like a boy.
    " Naruto.. " Kakashi breathed quietly.
    A bead of sweat rolled down Yamoto's forhead as he began reeling in the chakra rope, it seemed to bring the Kyubii's chakra with it.

    Now the only thing left of the Kyubii was its ears and two tails. Naruto screamed out in pain and fell to his knees as the ears and tails dissapeared.
    He stayed like that for a while, a dead.. blank expression on his face.., before falling to the ground and not moving.

    Kakashi was about to run to him but Sasuke was already there, barely visible at the speed he was going at.
    Kakashi clenched his teeth at the picture of Sasuke getting that close to Naruto, but he didn't move.
    Sasuke kneeled down beside Naruto and turned him over to where he could see his face, pulling his hands back quickly when his skin burnt him like a stove.
    He cursed silently and looked over Naruto's body. It was covered with so many burns that he looked permantly red with flesh.

    Naruto's eyes opened slightly, " Sas-uke.. " You couldn't hear his voice but the word was clear to read on his lips.

    Sasuke smirked lightly and stood up, then looked towards Kakashi and Yamato before dissapearing at the speed of light. Kabuto closely behind.


    Naruto woke up in the hospital about three weeks later. He sat up wincing just as there was a nock on the door. " Naruto? " Kakashi peeked his head in the door to see if Naruto was awake.
    When Kakashi saw that Naruto was contious he walked over to the bed, " How 'ya feeling? '
    It took Naruto's eyes a few minutes to see where he was, then the white room came into veiw.
    Naruto didn't say anything, just stared out the window, afraid to hear the answer to one of his most feared questions. "... Where's Sasuke?... " His voice sounded weak and tired, but there was that same hint of stuborness in there.
    Kakashi looked down at the ground then back up at Naruto, " We don't know. "
    Naruto scowled and his teeth clenched together tightly, ' I will bring you back, Sasuke. '