• I sit in the big oak tree in the back yard. Lunna the wolfhound i took in off the streets lounged on the grass below. She was due for puppies in 1 week but I had worse things to worry about my visions they've been acting up. I've been seeing a baby that looked like a kid I know but I loved the baby The father of the child was devastated that the child was here always apologizing to me for some reason. "kitty' i herd the whisper from the woods lunna shifted but didn't look worried she just continued to sit there."Shane" I called into the woods."I herd a snicker. It was Shane. The guy I said i new .Shane was a odd man he never changed naver aged always 17.But bigger than the he was my V.B.F.F (vampire best friend forever). But secretly I loved him.I thought time to time about us and comparing it to the twilight books.But i always brushed away those feelings. i knew a vampire couldn't love a human, besides he has a girlfriend. Tina who is also a vampire.Shane walks threw the trees Tina trailing behind him. Her beach blond curls fell down her back and onto the top of her white jeans.Tina was like a barbie doll blond smart skinny and didn't get in trouble. Shane's sleek black chin length hair covered half of his face. Reveling one of his deep red eyes. Shane was dressed in black as always with his combat boots.(fact: we have matching boots).I smiled at them and hopped down from the tree landing with a low thud. "hi" i said in a squeak.Tina ran over and gave me a hug.It was like getting suffocated by a big annoying pink pillow."hows it been kit" she said in her high soprano voice "good" i said trying not to show my annoyance in getting touched by something so perky like her. In one swift twirl she was back by Shane's side and grabbed his hand. It killed me a little every time i saw them together but i didn't let it show.i wouldn't dare hurt Shane that way.Shane and Tina glide over to me as I leaned against the tree.Then suddenly Lunna put up her head and growled and I fainted.As I went down I herd a gun shot.

    I woke up later in A hospital bed.My mother was standing beside me."oh baby are you okay"my mother bushes a lock of brown hair behind my ear "mama" i mumbled."si" she whispered. "Wat happened" I said while every thing was coming back.Shane...Tina..Lunna." "Someone shot at you from inside the woods. it got the side of your arm but it Didn't take anything off It just got embedded in the skin. U fainted though and Lunna is o.k. "Senorita Meagel " A nurse said with a slightly British accent. "you have to leave now, visiting hours are over". "si"My mother said"gracious" . Then she turned back to me said"adios me baby chica" kissed my forehead and left.When my mom left Shane came ot of a dark corner in the back of the room."I'm sorry" He said as came up to me. Once he was near me he bent down and kissed me. I pushed him away. "wat the hell Shane!"