• Its was a stormy night when Yuki Hinabi was walking home. “Stupid rain,” she muttered as she stepped over a puddle. She heard a noise and whirled around. “Who’s there?” There was silence. She hurried her step up until she was almost running. The noise came back. “I can hear you!” she hollered. It got louder and closer the more she went in the direction of her house. She suddenly broke out running for the front door. Right as she grabbed the front handle she noticed a shadow behind her. She twirled around only to find her cat, Kaito, behind her. “Kaito you are such a trouble maker,” she chuckled as she opened the front door. Nothing could have prepared her for what was on the inside. Kato’s meowing and then dead silence rang out in the night.
    Lena Rotimichi was sitting at home staring at the nothing that was on T.V when she heard a knock on her door. She muttered as she got up and opened the door. Standing in the door way was Lena’s friend Linette Cage. She was a good friend. She was a lovely girl. She had medium length brown hair with small bangs in her eyes. Her eyes were a marvelous shade of ice blue. She had full red lips and had a figure that men only dreamed of. Today she wore a sad look on her face. “Oh my god, Linette get your butt in here.” Linette slumped through the front door. She then plopped on the couch with an audible humph. Normally Linette was the cheerful one but today there was a look of depression on her face. Lena sat down next to her friend and threw her arm around her shoulder. “Linette, what’s wrong?” she asked her. “Lena, she’s dead,” Linette said as tears welled up in her eyes. “Wait, who?” Lena asked. Still sobbing she muttered “My sister is dead.” Lena paused. “I thought you were abandoned as a child?” Len asked. Linette paused. “Yuki’s family took me in and she was like a sister to me.” Lena nodded her head. “Ok, ok just calm down love.” Lena was one of the only ones allowed to call Linette, love. Linette sobbed. Lena paused. “How about I make us some coffee and you can tell me what happened?” Lena offered. Linette nodded silently. Lena got up and walked to the kitchen.
    She came back with a tray that had two cups of coffee, some sugar cubes, and a small carafe of milk. She handed Linette a cup. Linette dropped in two sugar cubes and stirred then stared at her cup. Lena sat back and just let her sit on the tray. “Linette, everything will be ok. I promise. Now please tell me what happened.” Linette stared at the cup. “The police don’t know much but that she was killed. Her cat Kaito was found but it had a wounded leg. She was found laying in her entranceway by the mailman. Apparently she never closed the door and the murderer didn’t either.” Lena stared at Linette. “I'm so sorry.” She murmured. She then proceeded to give her a hug. Linette cried on her friends shoulder. Lena patted her back. “Everything will be ok. I will catch this killer for you.” She comforted. Linette stared back at her. “Lena I won’t let you,” she started but was cut off by Lena. “No this would be a perfect chance for me to show Fayt what I can do. Fayt is nothing more than a crush for poor Lena. Everyday she wishes it could be more.
    Right as Lena got up to clean up the mess the back door slammed. Lena looked at the door. No one was there. “Huh, that’s weird,” she thought. Lena walked in the kitchen and started putting the dishes in the dishwasher when Linette screamed. Lena ran into the living room to see Fayt Susomi clinging to Linette. Lena chuckled. “Why hello there,” she smiled. Linette looked at Lena. “Who is this?” she asked. Fayt got up. “ My name is Fayt Susomi.” he bowed to Linette. He then walked over to Lena and gave her a big hug.