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    Chapter 1

    Naruto-Rise of the shadow village
    (Prequel)Chapter 2-home coming

    Naruto awoke sleepily from his rest in a forest west of the leaf village. He yawned and stumbled towards a stream he had camped by. Must have slept in the fire went out he thought as he drank from the stream hungrily.

    2 hours later he was walking through the forest day dreaming of Ichuraki ramen. Today is the day he would finally go home to Konoha after 5 months of recon missions. Which were probably just reasons too have him leave.

    He continued too walk until he came upon the same camp he had just left. He quickly took a defensive pose. ‘Genjutsu most likely’ he thought. Whoever cast it wasn’t in a hurry too reveal themselves. Naruto scanned the area and it was exactly as he left it. Nothing was out of place that was exactly what was wrong. The day was Windy and his hair blew in the wind. It would only be logical that some things would be out of place. Naruto drew the katana and stood at the ready. “Show yourself” he whispered more curious than afraid.

    ”As you wish” a deep voice echoed and in a second Naruto was looking at hundreds of razor sharp teeth. The monster had a dark green hide a set of lizard red eyes. Along with claws that looked like they could cut him in half if he ever allowed them to. The creature had wings similar too a dragons and smelled like rotting corpses. The monster grinned hungrily at him “hello breakfast”.

    Naruto a little nervous about being called breakfast and kind of questioning his sanity, stared at the creature. He was talking to a dragon, lizard thing. It wasn’t the first time he had seen a animal talk but they were usually civilized. This creature looked like it was actually going to make him his Brunch.

    Naruto stood there and tried too look fearless and stare down the creature. After a silence and an annoying amount of sniffing Naruto told off the creature “I’m not a very healthy snack. My old sensei used to tell me that if you want to be strong you should eat lots of vegetables.” Naruto was of course stalling for time. If this thing was as serious as he thought then he wasn’t going to just be able to convince it otherwise. The only thing that disturbed him was…animals could not cast Genjutsu.

    “I do not care of those I eat” the monster howled amusingly. “You have ventured in my forest little one and are thus open prey”. The monster closed in dangerously “and soon very soon Breakfast”.

    The monster made a snap at Naruto but found nothing as Naruto jumped back and did a series of hand signs. The monster pounced Naruto just as he completed the last sign (ram) “Here have some hot sauce” Naruto shouted as he breathed fire on the monster engulfing it in a tornado of fire.

    Naruto stared in amazement as the smoke cleared the monster was not even singed. It looked more amused then stunned. The monster ran at Naruto ‘not good’ he thought as the monster made another snap at Naruto. Naruto side stepped the attack but the monster noticed and brought its foot down on Naruto.

    A minute passes before the monster raised its foot. Making sure he was dead. He slowly raised his foot revealing a hole dug into the ground. Naruto jumped out of the ground right below the monster and with a battle cry threw an Odama rasengan (Big Ball Spiraling Chakra sphere) into the chest of the monster. It cried out in pain as the spiraling sphere exploded sending shock waves throughout the forest.

    ”Impossible!” Naruto said, gasping at the lizard. He was pretty sure that, the Rasengan would do the trick especially after all the chakra he had put in it. Yet the monster still stood. ‘the rasengan didn’t even do damage’ Naruto thought as the smoke cleared and the dragon like creature stood now looking angry.

    An hour later the fight was still going on Naruto look like he was about too fall over and the monster look like a vulture waiting for him to die. The monster made another charge at Naruto who barely got out of the way. Naruto had slowed down from the beginning of the fight and had a noticeable gash of blood over his left shoulder. ‘This is insane I’ve tried everything from explosive tags too Sasuke’s Chidori. Nothing penetrates this monsters hide.’ Naruto thought over his options for a while as the monster looked at him curiously.

    Ching! Naruto had and idea. Naruto jumped behind a tree and summoned a shadow clone. He then transformed the clone into a fat pig. “Here ya go..have some bacon” Naruto shouted as the clone jumped out from behind the tree snorting and running at the monster.

    It ran in circles as if chasing its tail in front of the monster. The monster looked at it as a child would look at a new toy. And without hesitation if smashed the clone (maybe it likes jammed foods.). Then in an earth shaking rumble the clone exploded and the monster was sent reeling back from the blast into the stream Naruto camped by. ‘Not my desired outcome but good enough’ he thought as he ran in the opposite direction. He was hoping the eight explosive tags he put on the clone would be enough to destroy him. He was also hoping the monster would engulf the pig he created out of a shadow clone. Not the most complicated strategy, but you get the point. Now he had to just get away from the beast as quickly as he could.

    Authors notes: The next chapter is here Chapter 3