• Date: 7/03/09

    Key: *staring at the wall* You know there's been a question I've been meaning to ask since I got here.

    Doctor: *taking notes* Oh, and what would that be?

    Key: Am I in hell? *there's a silence that's almost tangible.*

    Doctor: *clearing his throat* Is...is there a reason you'd...

    Key: So that's a maybe huh? *shakes her head* No. There's no reason, just...just felt I should ask. It wouldn't surprise me. Nothing much does anymore. You know I asked Jericho something similar before. Asked him 'How will I know when I've died, and where I've gone?' You know what he said? He said 'You humans are so interesting. You think so much of yourselves to just assume you're alive.' Gotta tell ya doc, that one messed with my head for a long while. It wasn't until later I found out what he meant.

    Doctor: *rubbing the bridge of his nose* Key...I sorry, but I'm not sure I understand.

    Key: *smirking smugly* You wouldn't. 'The nonsense of logic is usless against the wisdom of the mad.' Always liked that quote. It...worked for me.

    Doctor: Karyla, I think I've been very patient with you, but continuing to allow you to speak in circles will not help you come to terms with your problems. I held back hoping that I wouldn't have to push the issue, but...I need you to talk about...that time.

    Key: *eyes glazing over* No.

    Doctor: Karyla, I think it's for the...

    Key: *standing up abruptly* I said no. I decide what I want to do and what I don't! That's the way we play the game Doc. You ask silly little questions, I give you the right answers and then you lock me up for a few more weeks until you think I'll cooperate.

    Doctor: *speaking lowly* Key...I can only help you if you let me in. The night you ran away...I think your experiences during that time could play a major part in stopping these...dillusions.

    Key: *growling low in her throat* DILLUSIONS! You think I'd wake up in a cold sweat over a ******** dillusion? Think my imagination's just got away from me?!

    Doctor: No. I think you're trying to push something away, and are hiding behind these fantasies of yours.

    Key: Salaude. Dieu n'oublie pas et je ne pardonne pas. *sliding down agains the wall.* Fine, you want straight answers, I'll give them to you. *closing her eyes* I didn't 'runaway', not really. I was...lured? Maybe kidnapped is more appropriate. I...I was...staying with my dad, supposed to be staying with my dad. He'd been planning to take me for a month. It was summer so...yeah...Mom had agreed and left the day he was supposed to pick me up. Dad called an hour or so after he was supposed to be there, and said he wouldn't be able to take me that month. Told me to call my mom and tell her. I said I would.

    Doctor: You didn't...

    Key: Yeah, that's obvious. I was fourteen and beyond caring about the people around me. heh. -Was messed up in the head even then huh? *the small smile on her face disappears as fast as it comes.* Was a week I think before the food ran out. Mom didn't come back. Jericho had been worried. We're easy to break. A few days of no food and his pet would die. It was that inevitability that finally pushed his hand. He had to do more than show me glimpses...He had to take me.

    Doctor: Take you where?

    Key: *whispering* Through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole. He took me to the world. He saved my life. Not once, but twice. I hate him.

    Doctor: *taking note* You believe it was another world? You were traveling in some different 'place'.

    Key: *pausing* No. *biting her lip hesitantly* No that's not it. I was...here, but...I wasn't. It was like the wrongness had grown ten fold. It had gone from being small patches of unreality to...to overwhelming the real. Like I'd swithced positions. What I knew was now the patchy bits hidden in the background, and...and the weird little sights and sounds were now the norm. I didn't leave the house, I'm sure of that. I could still see and feel the walls of the living room, but...but above me was a vast purple sky. It was too much and...and I did something I sort of regret.

    Doctor: What?

    Key: I...*crying softly* I threw up on Jericho.