• Watching Tv i saw that this family worshiped the stars. Then a christian entered their home and refused to take part. She did try to convert them and take them to her church. In the christians family the mother star worshiper did nothing to impose her religion and when it was all said and done . She through a fit for she said she have never been so close to the devil. It angers me to hear that from a fellow christian and THE BIBLE SAY TO TREAT YOUR NEIGBOR AS YOURSELF!!!
    Where has religions gone wrong. War has been fought cause one side thoug hthe other worshiped the devil. MURDER, Rape, and the destruction of familys have been permited in the name of god

    So i propose a new Religion One of ELDER! We love all life and hate none. We allow Furrys and gays and others that have been rejected by other religions for they "worshiped the devil"
    Please take in what i have said and please pm me you comments about this. Please be nice for i dont want conflict