• It was strange how quickly things could change in a flash. And this was exactly one of those strange things. Ending up in the middle of a forest in some outpost was not the idea Leggy had in mind of a busy day. And for one thing, the sound of the alarms ringing certainly didn't make it any better. Leggy had no idea how she ended up in the strange land. Just that one day she was working on some animations and the next second a flash came and another second later she ended up here. She had a feeling the troops running around the area weren't friendly employees so she ducked down the bushes. All of a sudden, she heard a crackle from the area on the left, and then came a mysterious man sneaking around with a pistol in one hand and what looked like a grenade in the other.

    The man had brown hair, his eyes covered by the shadows of the buildings and was wearing some form of military uniform. Leggy mostly focused her attention at the grenade he had, and wondered how big of a blast it would make. Suddenly, the man made his move, and the building hit by the explosive had bursted in a flame that raged on inside. The screams of the troops in the bunker had echoed from the flames, and the troops outside were alarmed. Leggy backed in a metal shack, which appeared to be an armory. Only, the weapons were none she had ever seen. One was what looked like a heavily modified pistol with a tank at the back containing some kind of green liquid. Another was a set of grenades much like what the man had except with an odd insignia.

    The insignia had a gray wolf with a spear cast through it. Leggy had no time to ponder the insignia however, as the sound of the troops gathered closer she quickly searched for a weapon and picked the pistol with the green liquid. She then hid behind a crate.
    "I think I saw something move" echoed a voice from a communicator.
    "It's probably nothing, we need to take care of the intruder before he kills anymore of our men" came another.
    "AGH!" a grunt came outside. Leggy took a peak with the pistol in hand, only to find the mysterious man holding one of the troops with black steel armor and a helmet in a chokehold. The other one was found dead, blood on his throat.

    "Who are you?" the man asked, breaking the soldier he was holding's neck.
    "My name is…Leggy" Leggy replied nervously holding the pistol tightly.
    "Careful with that weapon, its an acid launcher. My name is Hunter, and I'm a member of the United Planets Military." replied the man looking around his surroundings.
    "I found an armory here, is there anyway to escape this camp?" Leggy asked.
    "There is, we can move out by taking one of the hovercrafts and crashing through the gate, but I have to destroy this place and search for any prisoners here" Hunter replied
    "Have you used a gun before Leggy?"
    "Couple times, why?"
    "I may need your help here"

    Suddenly, 5 more of the black armored troops had surrounded the area.
    "Behold the beauty of C10" Hunter murmured pressing a button on a detonator
    Multiple explosions came and consumed the soldiers, while Hunter had stared at the fires blazing he seemed to had something on his mind. Leggy knew now this guy was skilled in combat, but could he be trusted? It all seemed strange, the weapons, the soldiers, but she knew this must've been a war of a sort. Question was, what exactly was the other planets?

    Leggy suddenly pulled the trigger of the acid pistol at one of the surviving soldiers. The screams were drowned down by the acid burning through the armor and flesh.
    "Good shot, now let's head to the camp, there you will receive a combat injection"
    "Might I ask what that is?"
    "It's a synthetic DNA that is desinged to give the host the knowledge of combat and skills required on the battlefield."
    "And how do they know this works?"
    "Over 85% of the army sprang up overnight because of these"

    As Hunter and Leggy had walked down the forest Hunter rolled up his sleeve and stared at the the several metal wristbands that had names embroidered on them.
    "Who were they?" Leggy asked
    "There dead soldiers, I collect every dog tag I can so that there deaths are remembered, and I always request the names are placed in wrist bands so that they may be remembered at least by me." Hunter answered.
    Leggy casted a glance towards the horizon and saw a few buildings.
    "Is that the checkpoint?"
    "Yes, hopefully, Gunfire made it back with some good news."
    "He's a commander for the army, also my supervisor for this mission, he came to help insure the recruits were safe."
    "And were they?"
    "We had an ambush, the two recruits were captured, only I and Gunfire remained and Gunfire insisted on going to find them, I decided to blow up the encampment where those soldiers were"
    "I see, out of curiousity, where exactly am I?"
    "Your on planet Kalakos, in war territory."
    "Is this some kind of joke?"
    "No ma'am, war is not a joking situation. Although few realize it"
    "Okay… what war is this then?"
    "The 300 year war that has gone out since 2713"

    Leggy thought for a moment, if it was 300 years of war then that would mean she was in 3013. She couldn't believe it. It must've been just a dream. It had to. Leggy looked up at the sky which appeared normal.
    "Where the hell am I?" were the only words she could think.