• The night has fallen and i lied awake thinking about how i will greet the world next morning. i pondered so hard i couldn't sleep. sleep seemed unnecessary at the time so i got out of my black sheet covered bed and walked across the winter cold floor of my moms apartment. i got dressed quietly so i wont wake anyone. i slipped in to my black and white jogging suit. i quietly open and closed the front door. i started to run down the dark rode with the image of winter break in my head. soon i will be free from my teachers, homework and class work. i will be able to sleep in and watch my favorite T.V. shows. yes, soon i will be able to stay home all day without going out in the cold morning rush. i slowed to a stop because i saw there was a person lying on the floor. "Excuse me?" i said bending over to help them up when suddenly she rolled over reviling a small shallow puddle of blood. i gasped and walked back a few steps. i looked around and the trashcans fell over, reviling a boy with dark brown hair and pail skin with blood all over his face. he looked at me with dark red eyes. a growl ripped from his throat. i bolted running all the way home. i slammed the door closed and ran to my room dunking under the covers and wishing what i just seen was not real. out of no were the covers were torn from my body and i screamed.
    "Roy!!" my mother yelled sleepily. "Did you just get home?" i looked around the room and i tried to explain,"mom! i couldn't sleep so i went for a run then i seen this dead woman and this one boy was eating the dead body!!" "you just had a bad dream." she said. "no mom you don't under stand! this is real!"i tried to convince her. "Roy-" she started but i interjected,"mom it was down the street!! in Mr.Rapple's yard!! " she was shocked. "i'm going to call the cops." she said reaching for the phone. i nodded. "hello? this is Tony Murmur. please come down here my son said he seen a dead body." there was silence. "hello?" mom said again. "that's strange" she said hanging up the phone. "what?" i asked. "the line went dead" she replied. my heart sank when i heard thous words. a knocking came from the front door. "now who can that be?" mom asked going to answer the door. "no!" i shouted reaching for my metal bat under the bed. she peeked throw the peep hole and all of the sudden a hand broke throw the door pulling my mother out side. "No!!!" i shouted running at the door with the bat still in hand. i swung at the boy but he stopped it by pulling the bat from my hand.
    the boy bite me and ripped my skin off. i passed out after he hit my over my head. when i woke up my mother was gone and i was in a strange empty building that looks as if it was abandoned years ago. i had no idea where i was or if i was even alive any more. i got to my feet and looked for a way out. i walked all around the dimly lighted building and could not find a window or door. i was trapped in this unfamiliar place and no grantee if i could make it out alive.

    ........to be continued......