• One,time in the world there was a little girl named Clarissa she was always doing something wrong from her little brother Brady.He was always getting Clarissa in trouble. Her 2 little sisters loved it their names are Kayla and Nikki.
    Her little sisters loved Brady but hated Clarissa.One day her and her brother were playing tic-tac-toe and Brady said OWWWWW!!!!!! and their Mom Layla and their Dad Kyle both walked out to check on Brady. They asked "What happend Brady" "Clarissa hit me" "I DID NOT" Clarissa explained.Her parents didn't belive her she was grounded to her room for 2 weeks.After two weeks in her room and sitting in there she was going mad because she didn't do anything.Her mom came and got her and she was sleeping in her bed.Accept it wasn't Clarissa it was her best friend Ally. Clarissa went down staris and got a knife.She looked for her brother and she took him to the bed room and stuck the knife through his leg 'Now how does i feel' Clarissa said. He screamed but no one could here him he was in a sound proof room.Then her two sisters walked in the room.She said "come mere guys"So they obeyed and got the same thing and they where all laying on the ground!She said "it feels bad to be stabbed in the back don't it"so she slit Brady's back he screamed louder then her mom and dad walked in.""Clarissa!What!Are!You!Doing!!:"""her mom shouted.""torching them like they did me." Lets talk about this Clarissa" "NO"she hit her mom with the knife in the foot.but it missed she took the knie and Clarissa ran.She made it out of the house.and they tryed to find her they never did.Four years later in the dark nite the down was knocked down and so was everyone else Clarissa walked in.She went to her parents room first there was her mom and dad.She to the knife and.......................................slit their throats and they where gone.Then she went to her sisters room Nikki and Kayla were in the room she did the same thing to them.Bradys room next she thought.Brady wasn't in bed.She turned around slowly and her brother was behide her witha glass of hot milk."Ok Clarissa what did you do."I killed evryone" "I thought you'ed say that"He had a tape recorded in his hand."i don't care u snitch i got better ideas"She took Brady by the hair.He didn't do anything.She pulled harded a tear ran down his face she tied him to his bed and got some chemicals."Give me your hand Brady "He obeyed.She poured acid on his hand He screamed so loud the whole earth could here him then she got candles she put the hot wax all over his body.After that she left him there to die. the next day the police showed up they found all the dead people 3 out of 6 people died ..Clarissa,Brady,and Nikki lived through that and the town kids that lived through that went to Orphanige.Clarissa how ever was on her own and went to the orphanige too.
    she looked older and beautiful and she seen her brother and sister.Clarissa was only 13 when she went to the orphanige eveyone loved her.But no one knew her story accept me.After 3 weeks an orphan she loved it and she got adopted by good people but she had no clue it was gunna start all over again.