• As he rode through the Smokey blackness of the night, his white robes flapping behind him, his silver hair covering his black and white mask. He rode on his horse, no one knows were and nobody knows who he was, just a man on a mission, a mission he has been carrying out ever since he was a little boy , a mission to kill.

    Mangu woke up, his sword near him, his gun being gripped like a man on a moterbike. His Silver hair covered his white contacts, he look around, as he did, he noticed that he was in a barn. How did he get here?
    All of a sudden, the thought ran throgh him, he was in his family barn, only if bad things happen here.
    He picked up the sword and kiked open the door, his white robes flying behind him.
    "Uncle?!?" He shouted. No answer. He noticed blood on the floor Oh crap he thought as he walked to the front entrance of the old family house.
    Then, he could feel a presense in the room.
    "Hay, Mangu" He hered, a voice he had herd before. He followed were the voice came from, there on the floor, was his dead uncle. "Oh my, such a shame this!" he herd from the bedroom, "Hay, you do know that he wasnt acturlly my uncle! He was just bait, bait for you crappy gang!" A man walked out, in a nice blue mounted suit, stained with blood, he had Spiked up black hair and a scare by one of his blue eye.
    "So, hows Vampire Gaze?" Mangu asked sarcasticly. "Very well thanks, you do know that we have the place surrounded with trained fighters from the gang, you have no escape, Flemball" The man said in a posh accent. He put his hands up. "Your comming with me"