• One evening, in the feudal era, Sango and miroku were sitting in a tree talking about their respective pasts. Sango was just finished in telling Miroku of how life was in her Demon Slayer Village when Miroku decided to ask her a question.
    "Sango, did you ever have someone ...special...back in your village?" he asked.
    The question caught Sango off guard,"........Yes, there was someone...he was an old friend of mine...we grew up together and were supposed to be married in the spring before......the accident in the village.When Kohaku was controlled by Naraku to kill everyone, Kenta was the first one to try to stop him...and the first one to fall to Kohaku's blade.As you know, my brother and i were the only survivors." She explained sadly.
    "Sango, is that why you're always so sad to talk about what happened, because you're still grieving?" Miroku asked gently.
    Sango didn't answer, but tears overflowed from her eyes as she shifted to look at him. There was so much pain and loss in her eyes that he just had to take her in his arms.
    When she lifted her head from his shoulder, Sango asked a question of her own,"Miroku, what was your family like?"
    Miroku answered,"I don't remember much of my mother... although my father always spoke of her with so much tenderness there was no doubt he loved her still...she died when I was two. My father was a handsome man and strong of mind and heart. He made friends of everyone he met...," Miroku paused, then continued in a choked voice,"He died by our family's male curse....his wind tunnel kept growing over time and...eventually...my father was swallowed whole by it...I watched him die with my own eyes when I was still very young." He finished with tears of his own.
    Sango replied quietly,"We both seem to have sad pasts...it is for our families' sakes that we must destroy Naraku for good..."
    Miroku hugged her close and agreed,"Yes..." as they looked off into the sunset together.