• Once upon a time, there lived a spirited story-teller, who captured the hearts and minds of those far and wide. The story-teller never remained in one place for very long--for, there were many stories to tell, and so many people in which to hear them!

    One day, the story-teller was greeted by a sparkling sprite, who had gone from village to village, and town to town, listening to the people retell the story-teller's stories. The sprite told the story-teller in a misty voice, "Story-teller, your tales have captured me and I desire more!"

    "More stories?" The story-teller was amused. Surely more stories would come easily, there would be no doubt that a new story could be told, all that was needed was a little time and some inspiration. "I am sure that I can weave a new tale for you sprite, just give me a day to compose and--"

    "No!" Shouted the sprite, an angry tone flooded her calm voice. "No! I desire more than stories my dear story-teller! Your tales are fun to listen to, but I want something more than a tale! Bring your stories alive for me!" At this the story-teller was aghast! Of course it is any creators fondest dream to have his or her tales brought to life--but such a thing was unheard of--what could be done?

    "Sprite," Began the story-teller, "I would love to do as you request, but I cannot! I am no magician! I cannot bring my tales to life, I am sorry." At first, the story-teller feared that the sprite would attack for her eyes flashed a glimmering shade of burning red, however, the sprite relaxed her clenched hands and spoke in her misty tone once more. "Story-teller, I know you are not magical--forgive me, yet, perhaps there is a way--I will tell all from far and near, some shall surely come, those who can make my wish, and yours it seems aswell, come true!"
    The story-teller smiled. "Oh sprite thank you! Such a dream come true!"
    "Yes," The sprite smiled too, her eyes flashing once more as her smile twitched to a more serious frown. "But know this story-teller--if this plan fails, I will feed you to the hungry gimpis! You have until the 30th day of October! Perhaps I will have the pumpkins smash you up befor the gimpis feed on you--"

    "YIPES!" The story-teller shrieked with terror. "Yes, yes of course!" With that said the sprite smiled once more and flew out of sight, her sparkling trail shimmered over the story-teller.