• “Izzy! You’re home, finally!” Lenne yelled as I threw my things on the couch across from our bunk bed. “Yeah, I’m home…” I repeated and climbed up to my top bunk and lay down, staring at the ceiling harshly, like I was demanding answers from it instead of the Elders or even the Educated.

    Lenne climbed up as well and sat in the clear spot and draped her legs over mine. “So, why were you staring at that Ares kid?” she asked. I gave her a blank look for a moment, “Oh! That… I was just looking. I didn’t mean anything by it… It’s just he seemed different from everyone else. Like, he stood out, and you don’t do that intentionally here, you know that.” I told her.

    She nodded and sighed, “Izzy, maybe you’re reading too much into this, maybe he just didn’t have enough time to iron his shirt or something, and maybe he hasn’t been able to call in for a hair cut.” I shook my head, “No, no. I’m not reading too much into it. I felt eyes on me throughout the whole class period! And after you left I was looking around the classroom and Ares was just sitting there looking at me.”

    I got another shiver remembering his hazel eyes and how they bore through my flesh. It was like he could see what I was thinking. Lenne had a very serious look unlike the unbelieving look she had earlier, “You don’t think he could—“

    “No. Not a chance, Lenne. That’s forbidden and you know that.”

    “I know I do. But… But what if he does? I mean… What would you do if it did happen?”

    I looked up at the ceiling again, “I don’t know… But he doesn’t and it wouldn’t happen. I guess… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.” I said before getting up and going to the bathroom, turning on the shower.