• I'm lying in bed when i hear pebbles hitting against my window. I get up slowly and look out the window, ohh nooo!!! It's my stalker David. He's had a crush on me ever since kinder. So I go back to bed. When I wake up around 10:45, there is a text message on my phone, it's from Makala(your best friend) she told you will you come to my surprise party. So you get dressed up and everything. But not to fancy,. You find out you and the whole party is playing spin the bottle mixed with 30 minutes in the closest. It's your turn, David and your crush are sitting next to each other, the bottles slowly stops on....... your crush!!!!! But he has a girlfriend. All of a sudden you hear crying, guess who it is? The girlfriend. You look into his eyes and ssy,"do I see love?" He says,"I believe so"

    Tune in for part 2 later!!