• The light seemed to take me in. I watched it with wide eyes as it seemed to engulf everything and illiminate it. I did the only thing that came to mind at that time; give in. Just like every other time in my life. Just give in. It'll get you one way or another. And just as I was about to be engulfed into it, something happened. If I thought my eyes were huge at that time, I needed to think again when I saw something. My mouth was agape as something grabbed me and made a run for it. I just could not believe it.

    "Shayne!?" I still could not believe it! Shayne! Shayne! My long time friend that no one knew about! He was here! Wait... he was here? Where was here? I couldn't wait to ask him all of these questions that when we rounded a corner, he stopped and I jumped down before turning to him. I gazed into his eyes. His nice deep sky blue eyes with his light brown semi-long hair in front of them. A blush started to slowly creep its way to my face before I beat it back down. He looked down at me.

    "Shayne?" I touched his face sub-consciously. "It's really you." I felt like crying. I could almost fell tears spring to my eyes but they never broke out to drench my cheeks. No, instead I did something that I'm pretty sure nobody expected out of me. I hugged him.

    Shayne looked taken aback before he sowly and ever so slightly wrapped his arms around my waist and puled me in for a tight hug. The hug was nice and warm and I got this feeling in the pit of my stomach that I didn't reconize so I just dismissed it as hunger. He let go way too soon and the wamth that I had just felt slowly disappeared so that I wanted more. I wanted it more than anything in the world.

    "What are you doing here? Where are we? What is this place? Why was I in that dark room? What was that ligh-" he cut me off.

    "I'm sure that you have many questions but I cannot answer them now. I am not obligated to do so for right now. Once we reach a certain point though, I can then tell you. But not now. It's to soon." I looked skeptical as he pulled me forward to move. I did so but was forced so I wasn't willing. I eventually became too stubborn and wouln't budge so he had to cary me bridal style again for some time until I jumped back down again.

    Don't get me wrong, I like it when he was holding me! I loved it! It felt so inviting that I just wanted more of it but the questions. The questions I couldn't take anymore. They were just way too much. I stopped for the second time and he forced me to walk on.

    "Can you just answer one question I have? Please?" I begged. Shayne seemed to look around before nodding in approval. "What's the date."

    "April 16th 2010."

    My mouth felt dry and I stopped for the third time. My mouth was agape again and my eyes on his feet. "Wait, what happened to October 12th!? What happened to all of last year and the begnning of this!? What's going on!?" When he didn't answer, I started getting nervous. "Please, Shayne. Please, please answer me."

    Oh, he did answer me. But the answer wasn't what I was expecting. No, he seemed to disappear in the shadows and he pulled me along with him. His hand immediately covered my mouth tightly so that I wouldn't utter a sound. But his hand over my mouth that tightly only made me want to scream even more. That is, untl I saw them.

    There was at least six of them. All men with one female. I couldn't really tell them apart. Just the fact that they were wearing all black and the one was wearing a skirt. I assumed a female. Until my breath hitched up. They came closer and I prayed that they wouldn't stop in front of us even though I knew that it was useless. And guess what?

    They stopped in front of us.

    If that didn't make my palms sweat, the next did. I saw a gun. The glint of it anyway. The femle held it in her hand and about two were holding them. The rest were in their carriers.

    The glint from the gun. It was so powerful that I was sort of mesmerized. I involuntarily took a step forward but even though Shayne pulled me back while trying not to make a sound, they had heard. The sound was made and they had heard. All of the guns were drawn.

    We were in trouble.