• Fear. Something so blinding and crippling. Yuki panted and huffed as she ran from the two men behind her. "C'mere cutie! We won't bite, hard!" A round of obnoxious laughter made her narrow her eyes as she ran as fast as her legs could take her. She panted harder as she swung a hard right into a junkyard. Her mind screamed at her as she realized that she had just butchered her chances of getting away from them.

    She heard them enter behind her, their voices going from decievingly sweet to outright dangerous. She nearly fainted as she saw an abandoned school bus and threw herself into it, slamming the door behind her. She ducked down and tried to hide herself, but the men had seen her already and were banging their fists on the sides and windows.

    "Get out here! You little b***h!" She held her breatha s she sat still. Suddenly everything went quiet and her eyes widened as she slowly got up to look out the window behind her. She saw one of the men stooping near the front of the bus. She looked closer and gasped as she realized that he held a lighter and he was working on producing a flame. She ran to the back and saw the other man just in time to see him light the back of the bus on fire.

    Flames shot up and began choking the life from her. She caughed and hacked as she ran to the front of the bus only to see the man holding the lighter, now with a flame, above the open oil tank. Her eyes widened as she turned and tried to open the grimy windows, caked shut from years of neglect. "Help, please someone! Help!" The rest of her words were lost as the lighter dropped and a deafening explosion rang out, the whole bus going up in flames.

    An hour later....

    Firemen had already labeled the two bodies outside the charred remains of the bus as unrecognizable. The bus now nothing more than a smoking skeleton of metal and plexi-glass. Suddenly a fireman turned his head and yanked of his helmet as he wretched and heaved up his stomach's content on the dry earth next to him.

    When the other men asked him if he needed assistance he could only point to the window he had been standing in front of. Upon closer inspection the men saw something that would haunt them forever.

    There was a charred hand still gripping the window ledge. The fingers curled in a perment grip, forever frozen in an attempt to live.