• Preface

    The weight on my shoulders has not payed off yet. I don’t get it at all, the whole thing was just a misunderstanding. Why me though? Am I really that special? I don’t understand it, but it’ll have to do for now. My explanation has just begun and hopefully I will get more information on what was going on. But right now I need to focus on how to get out of what has trapped me so deeply.
    “What are you thinking?”Someone asked quietly. I couldn’t figure out who. It sounded quite similar to someone I knew. But I just couldn’t place it to a single person. I didn’t answer not even knowing what to say if I did. “Hello?” The voice was louder but more calm.
    “What?” I could hardly breathe. How could I talk? These questions are very unnecessary to what was going on right now.
    “Why are we here?” This time I could hear the quivering in this voice. But less mature than I would have imagined. Maybe ten or eleven at the absolute highest.
    “I’m not sure exactly...” I could not grasp the concept that I was trapped in a small room with no light.
    “Wha-wha-what did I do wrong?” The little boy was crying now. How could I get him to shut up? Certainly they would come get us! No one really knows what would happen then.
    “It’s going to be okay. I pro-....” I cut-myself off right there. I know I can’t say that. But if I don’t, how could I save this boy’s life and my own? “Lying is a good thing...” I mumbled to myself. Of course the crying boy didn’t seem to notice. “I promise.” This time I said it with no hesitation.
    The silence from that point on hurt my ears more than the piercing noise of the little boy. This sound wasn’t piercing, more like a ripping.
    There was a sudden light. Not something you would see in a movie. But like the sun. The blinding light that may take away your vision for a lifetime. But this light is good, not something to hate, this light is freedom! Then the light was gone... My hope was extinguished just as fast as a match lights up with fire.
    “What was that?” The little boy was obviously as confused and angry as I was that the light didn’t mean freedom after all.
    I couldn’t speak. Again. The thought of freedom being taken away from me made my eyes water. I fiercely wiped my eyes so no tears could escape. I felt silly, even thinking that I was going to be set free.
    “I don’t understand.” He repeated this over and over again. I obviously didn’t understand either, so there was really no point in answering.


    I had the need to be comforting, but I wasn’t at all comforted myself. “I don’t get it either.” I finally said, after about the 8th time I heard him say it. “I really think we should get some rest. Maybe it would give me some time to think things over.” I have no idea of what I am going to think about. Everything I think about hurts. The fact that my parents died two days ago from these horrible men who are keeping us captive.
    The thought of my two brothers who are lost in the dark in the room next-door. What is there to think about? Every minute it gets harder and harder to breathe. I don’t know how I can sleep knowing I have chances of not waking up in the morning, and not even knowing if morning is here yet.
    Maybe everything will turn out to be a bad dream or something. Maybe something good will come out of this, but I won’t know until I get out of here... if I get out of here. Maybe if I think of a plan then I could be set free. Maybe.
    “Life is going to be a whole lot easier when I think of a plan..” I thought to myself. It seems like it had been hours since the last person spoke. It should be morning by now. Then at that moment, the same second That I was thinking about the bad things in life that one little match instead of all the good things. I had changed the way I thought about this whole situation.
    “I’ve got it!” I practically screamed. The boy jumped I think I might have woken him up, but for what I have discovered I don’t think he will mind. “I figured all-Some of this out!” I said after a few seconds of no reply. I had only figured about 2% of what was going on. But the 98% that was still to be figured out can be found out soon enough I just need... more information... more knowledge. “What is your first name?” I asked slowly thinking of my possibilities.
    “Gregory.” He answered cautious of his answer, I guess he should be he has only known me for about 3 days.
    “Okay. Last?” I asked him again getting more confident that this will all work out in the end by the second.
    “Philips” He replied more comfortable this time.
    “Okay Gregory Philips right? Hm.. Maybe just maybe I can make this work out.” I don’t really have any idea of what I am planning to do yet. I think if I can find out some more information about Greg then maybe I can find us a way to convince that we are innocent or something, I don’t really know yet. All I can do for now is hope.
    “Yes, but you can call me Greg. I was born in a small town. Gregory was a very popular name.” He replied.
    “Where exactly were you born?” I asked quickly not letting any time go to waste. I am determined to succeed.
    “New York. I was born in a small town called Quill-Fire.” He answered. I don’t think he is very interested in what is happening anymore I think he is off daydreaming now. Now I need to figure out my own problems.



    Today was a dreary morning, sun was hidden gloomily behind the clouds and it was starting to rain. As I sat looking back at my old house I wiped away my tears that were drizzling out like the mist. The rest of the car ride was long and boring. No one was talking so I felt like I was alone on this long curvy road. It seemed like hours had gone by since we left, but in reality it probably only like fifteen minutes. I just wished time would either speed up so I can be done sulking and get on with life, or let time rewind so I could try to fix the problems that led me to being here right now in the first place.
    Many hours had gone by since we left home. My mom and dad said it wasn’t going to be permanent but we all know it is. I still don’t know were my family is going and why, but we are going to be there soon so I am not going to waste my now time thinking about the future when it is going to happen soon enough.
    As we pulled up the long narrow driveway I peeked through the slightly open window on my side of the car. There was a beautiful house at the top of a very steep mountain, it was light blue with white trim and a yellow door. I think it had four levels to it but I am not exactly sure. When we got to the end of the driveway there was a gate. My dad put the car in park and got out, pushed the gate open, and walked inside. Everyone followed. When we made it passed all of the wonderful meadows and gardens the door opened before we even knocked. A peculiar woman stood in the doorway, she was wearing a dark blue sweater with a picture of two swords and a bat in the center, a long black velvet skirt and brown sandals.
    “Everyone, this is Aunt Roanne.” My mom introduced to us. I don’t recall an aunt Roanne. She doesn’t resemble to my mother or father. “This is Niccolo, Andrew, and Roxanna.” My mom introduced to her. Niccolo is my younger brother he is 12, but has the mind of a 21 year old. My older brother is Andrew, he is 16 but thinks he is better than anyone in the world, but to be honest is on probably on the last of my list. Lastly there is me. Roxanna, but I prefer Roxy. I am 14 years old and am not very good at anything...