• Rich green fields and lush emerald surrounded the sapphire lake, gleaming with the sun reflecting on its surface. Wind danced on the water gently, creating small ripples in the smooth surface. All was calm and peaceful; not a sound could be heard, save for the occasional chirp of a bird. Slowly, a figure approached the body of water with a small floating craft in tow. They stopped and looked around, as if searching for something. When they found it, they set the small boat in the water gently, afraid to disturb its serene surface. As if by magic, no ripples were made by the boat; it was as if the craft was hovering. The figure stepped into the boat, yet it did not move. Another figure approached the stilled craft and nodded, speaking something to the first figure. After but a mere second, the second figure joined the first inside the unmoving craft. Both simply sat, waiting for something. When the wind blew a small gust, a small voice could be heard. It said:

    "'Tis time" in but a whisper so small, it did not disturb the silence. The second figure, which appeared to have some form of a walking stick with him, took the piece of wood out and, with the tail end of it, gently touched the water's surface. As if by the same force the held it still, the boat began moving forward. Still, it made no disturbance in the glimmering water. The craft was moved to the very center of the lake where in the only ripples made were that of something deep below it. A small beam of an unknown source shot up from the depths through the center. The beam went nowhere, but remained in its position, like an unmoving flashlight. A voice came from everywhere, slightly startling the first figure in the boat.

    "Greetings, Majesty; Child of The Dragon" it said, greeting the two. The ray of light, as the voice spoke, moved; outward when loud and inward when soft. The figures in the boat, revealed to be King Arthur and Merlin the Sorcerer, both nodded in greeting; Merlin calmly, while Arthur's was a bit shaken. The Sorcerer stood and addressed the Voice:
    "Lady, we come to your domain to ask of you the allowance of the Holy Blade Excalibur." he said. After a brief silence, the Voice spoke once more;

    "I shall heed thy request upon one abate: whence thou art on thy deathbed, thou shalt return it to my domain. Should thou abide by this, hence, the Blade is thine own." it said. Not a moment afterward, the beam of light vanished and the ripples grew larger, as if something was coming from the depths of the lake. Though nothing was seen below, by magic, a blade broke the surface. Slowly it arose, blindingly shining with the sun reflecting from its surface. It seemed to radiate with an otherworldly aura. The blade was thin, yet looked as if it could break through ten tons of granite with a single swing. Rising still; when the hilt broke the surface, it shone with the brilliance of the blade ten fold. Its jewels glinted of the sun's light, as well as the blade’s. When the handle was revealed, a beautifully pale hand was seen gently holding it. The appendage was clearly feminine, and the skin held the beauty of a Goddess.

    Even further it ascended, revealing, to human eyes, the purest of gossamer; the gown of the Lady. It was of purest white with a golden border and shone with a beauty nothing else of this Earth could. The King leaned from the boat to receive the marvelous sword. As the boat was retreating back to the land, with the Holy Blade in hand, King Arthur and Merlin looked back to see the sinking, glowing appendage brandish itself in farewell three times before it vanished under the rippling water, which ceased to ripple. Arthur clutched the sword to his chest and bowed his head.

    "Never" he spoke solemnly, clearly moved by the sight, "until this Blade has left my possession, shall I forget this day."