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    Chapter 1
    Love Between Two
    One sunny and breezy day Yusei Fudo is sitting in a chair inside shuffling his deck when Leo runs up to him panting. Yusei looks at him concerned. Once Leo catches his breath he tells Yusei a girl is sitting on the edge of a building. Yusei asks what’s so important about it. Leo tells him he thinks she is going to commit suicide and asks him to talk to her. Yusei agrees and asks where she is exactly. Leo explains the building across the street has a ledge and she is sitting on it and that is where she is.
    Yusei goes to the building across the street and goes up the stairs that lead to roof. Opening the door to roof he steps out and looks around. There is the girl sitting on the ledge she looks no older than 19. Yusei not wanting to startle her for fear of her falling off the edge decides to make a noise since there is gravel on the roof. He kicks some it hoping she’ll hear it. It works. She looks at him for a minute then turns around and continues looking out toward the blue horizon.
    Yusei stares at her almost bare back she has scars on it. On the left side is an image of an angelic wing, on the right is an image of a demonic wing. Her long black hair begins blowing in the wind. Yusei notices there is strange metal on her black clothes the sun is making it shine so bright it nearly hurts his eyes. Yusei asks her why she is sitting on the ledge.
    “I’m sitting here because I choose to. I’m not going to commit suicide if that’s what you’re thinking” she says her voice sounding like an angel sighing.
    “Oh ok. Well just thought I’d ask.” he says hearing the door behind him open. He turns around and sees Jack Atlas.
    Jack glares at Yusei then walks past him and up to the girl. “Get off the ledge. You’re worrying everyone.” says Jack grabbing her upper arms helping her to her feet. “Come on Lonis, we need to get you ready for your photo shoot. It starts in two hours.” Jack holds her hand as he leads her away to the door.
    Yusei seeing that Jack knows her and that he held her hand is most confusing. Yusei decides tomorrow he will find Jack and asks him about Lonis. Whether she and Jack is a couple or not and why Jack seems to care about her.
    Lonis is with Jack in his apartment. He is shuffling his deck as Lonis takes a shower. Jack begins wondering why Yusei was on the roof top with Lonis. He can’t seem to shake off the idea that Yusei thought she was going to commit suicide. Jack shudders at the thought of losing her.
    Ever since he met her at that Toni’s café he has been with her. She has completely changed his world. Her smile makes the most senile aggravating old man bite his tongue. She is just so beautiful. He would do anything to keep her from harm.
    Jack hears the door to the bathroom open looking at her he stands up off the couch and walks over to her. “What were you doing on the ledge of that building?” he asks sounding concerned.
    “I was just enjoying the breeze.” she says her beautiful brown eyes sparkling with mysterious joy.
    “I’m going to be dueling Yusei tomorrow. If I win, I’ll take you out to dinner. If I lose, then I’ll still take out to dinner.” Jack says kissing her for a minute.
    “Looks like you’re taking me out no matter what, but I must get to that photo shoot now.” she says laughing like an angel.
    “You will be there right?” he asks her holding her close to him.
    “Jack, of course I will. I’ll be cheering you on.” she says kissing him one last time then leaves for her photo shoot. Little did Jack know that will be the last words he’ll hear from her for a while.
    Chapter 2
    A Ruthless Kidnapping
    As Lonis walks down the street, the streets are deserted. There is no one around at all, except for a strange limo pulling up toward her. It stops, and then two men jump out and grab her. Screaming, she is forced into the limo and it drives away.
    Later, the Limo arrives at Rex Goodwin’s place. Rex walks out to meet Lazar and asks if they have the girl. Lazar confirms it and Rex opens the door to the back seat of the limo. He sees Lonis and offers his hand explaining who he is. She spits on him and cusses at him. Wiping his face he tells Lazar to take her to the office and keep her there until he comes for her.
    Lazar nods and grabs her and takes her to the office, there, she sits in a chair and stares at him with a menacing look. Rex calls Lazar and tells him to tie up the little firebrand. Lazar replies then hangs up the phone and turns around to see her with feathery wings. She has a jeweled staff in one hand and a shard in the other. Lazar not sure what to do leaves the room locking the door.
    She goes back to her normal self with nothing much to do. A few minutes later Rex unlocks the door and walks in. He has duck tape in his hands. Blinded by fear she cusses at him more. Rex grabs her and tapes her arms by her wrists behind her back, and duct tapes her mouth. Throwing her down on the floor he takes pictures and then e-mails them to Jack.
    Jack hearing his computer beep twice looks at it and sees he has an e-mail. Opening it, he sees the images of Lonis. Scared that she is in great danger, quickly picks up his phone as it rings. Rex Goodwin’s voice is on the other side.
    “Want your girlfriend back?”
    “What have you done?” growls Jack enraged.
    “Nothing yet,” says Rex Goodwin eating an apple
    “Let her go.” Jack growls his rage getting higher.
    “You must care about her a lot.”
    “If you are looking for ransom, I don’t have anything, but I’ll get it, just let her go.”
    “I want you to beat Yusei at the fortune cup. If you don’t then she may get hurt. What if I purposely slashed her wrists? Or her cut off the ends of her fingers?”
    “I’m gunna kill you!” screams Jack, but Rex has hung up.
    Jack figures the only thing to do is to beat Yusei. Calling him up, Jack explains the situation. Yusei decides there is only one thing to do: Rescue Lonis and his own friends. Jack agrees and decides to meet him at the Quiet Time restaurant after it is closed for the night.
    After talking on the phone with Jack, Yusei sighs unhappily and comes up with a plan to rescue his friends and Lonis.
    Chapter 3
    The Strange Escape
    That night, Jack is walking to the Quiet Time and tries not to think of what is happening to Lonis, but dreadful images flash through his mind. He tries to think of the positive times he has had with her. Jack sees her smile, her beautiful brown eyes and black hair.
    Back with Rex Goodwin, Lonis is getting angry. She is pacing back and forth, finally having enough of being locked up in a cold metal room; she goes into her half demon form. Her fingernails turn to sharp claws and her brown eyes turn a crimson red. Yelling out an attack her “Iron Steel Claw” she jumps and at claws the metal wall. She sees that she only made a small shallow scratch in the wall, this gets her even angrier. So she keeps attacking the wall.
    Finally having enough of just making scratches in the wall, she takes her demon sword: Akiteiga and uses her next attack on it: Super Nova Power Strike. Once the sword makes contact with the wall, the wall cracks, and then shatters apart. She goes back to her human form feeling completely drained and faints. Bolt Tanner in the next room where the wall fell apart sees her lying unconscious. He jumps over the wreckage and picks her up off the cold floor.
    Suddenly, the door opens and Rex Goodwin walks in to see Bolt holding her. The clothes Lonis were wearing are ripped, but not too much. “She seemed to have sapped her energy.” Rex says “Going into a demonic form is hard enough. She must have really wanted out. Oh well, I guess I’ll let Yusei and Jack into her metal room.” No sooner had Rex said that Jack and Yusei are thrown into the room. Rex leaves locking the door.
    “This is your brilliant plan Yusei!?” screams Jack at Yusei.
    “Don’t worry I brought something that should help us all escape.” says Yusei pulling out a black metal shard.
    “You idiot! A shard won’t help us escape!” screams Jack as Yusei walks over to Bolt “What are doing?” asks Jack glaring at Yusei.
    “I’m going to revive her, and this shard will make her stronger.” says Yusei as he presses the shard into her hands.
    The second the shard makes contact with her palm, Lonis gasps for air, and her eyes open: a pale purple. Suddenly, feathery wings sprout from her back, a jeweled staff forms in her hand, and a giant sword with green flames form in other.
    Yusei stands up and steps away from her as does Bolt Tanner. Lonis’s clothes mend back together and turn a pristine white. She stands up, and points the jeweled staff at the ground. Suddenly, a laser of light hits the ground, moving into a line. “Do not cross this line! If you do you’ll die.” she says turning to face the wall behind her. “Now,”
    Lonis raises her sword and runs toward the wall yelling out before striking it, “Green Flame Strike!” she hits the wall with the sword destroying all the walls around them. The wall in the front leads outside. “Let’s get out of here.” she says turning to the boys, “I’ll run behind to make sure we get out safely.”
    “Alright.” says Yusei then runs outside, followed by the rest, with Lonis behind.
    Suddenly, a gunshot rings out and Lonis dodges the bullet, “Keep going, I’ll take care of this guy on the roof.” Yusei, Jack, and Bolt do not question her and continue running on.
    Another gunshot, Lonis flies toward the attacker with the gun, all the while dodging the bullets. Yelling out an attack pointing her jeweled staff at the guy, she yells, “White Wind Attack!” as a strong gust of wind blows the guy off the roof to certain death.
    She flies back to Jack, Yusei, and Bolt, and runs with them. They make it away safely.
    Chapter 4
    All’s well that ends well
    Back with Jack in his apartment, Lonis is cooking dinner, setting the table, and putting the food on the plates. Serving it to Jack, she sits down and begins makes friendly conversation.
    Yusei is reunited with his friends and discussing who he will duel next. Excited for him, his friends, offer to treat him to a pizza. Yusei smiles inside thinking, “They never change.”