• I went to visit Yousuke first- he was the closest to Akihiko next to me. The plane ride there seemed long and depressing. Watching the clouds and birds fly by the plane- they looked so free from my view. If I could only feel that way- weightless. As soon as we landed, I headed straight to Yousuke’s company. People were crowding around the building, I knew something was going on. While heading in, I saw a guard preoccupied- I didn’t feel like bothering him so I quickly walked passed. The elevator doors opened so I frantically rushed before the doors closed- barely making it. The elevator was crowded but it dwindled down as the floors got higher. I reached the top and it was chaos; people were running from one side of the room to the other. I took a deep breath then ran straight into the crowds attempting to maneuver around the hustling and bustling, only barely, catching my breath.

    I opened the door only to see another room. It was quieter than the one I was just in. I could tell it was a waiting room. But, like it was in the room before, this room began being packed with people. Cameras were being flashed and bright lights were seen throughout the room. They were being pushed out as was I. I pushed them aside making my to the desk. More and more people began to flood the room. Talking was heard throughout the room- practically screaming. When I finally reached the desk, I asked the lady if I could see Yousuke. She only ignored me so I asked again then again when she refused to say anything. She only called the guards to push the crowds out of the room. I was forcing myself so that I was pushing the officers back instead if forward. I had to talk to Yousuke and this lady wouldn’t allow anyone to enter and the guards refused anyone in this room. My mood was not one to be messed with right now. I punched the guard in his stomach causing him to fall to the floor and that’s when I made my move, but, so did all the reporters. It wasn’t long before the guard I punched grabbed me and pulled me violently away from the crowd, so I screamed; I screamed as loud as I could and I did have a good scream. I kept screaming, “Yousuke! Yousuke! It‘s me Miyaki!” I doubt he could hear me over the crowds. Frustration and tears began to show. I was frantic at this point so I punched, kicked, anything to make the guards let me go.

    Finally, after all my struggling, they released me and I made a beeline towards the door to the office but the lady had it locked. Looking at her desk, from the angle I was facing, I saw a button underneath her desk. I knew that was a button she used to lock the door. It wasn’t hard to guess considering she pressed it just before the crowd crowed the room we were in now. I rushed over and pressed the button but the lady grabbed my wrists that prevented me from pushing the button. I looked at her and she was screaming incoherent words at me. So I struggled, I had to, I did with her just as I did with the guards. In only a few seconds, did she let go. I pressed the button then flew open the doors running in.

    Yousuke was talking some people in suites and I could tell he was shocked to see me. The secretary came rushing in behind me along with the guards. “Sir! This Crazy Lady had been fighting with us to get through. Using all sorts of violence! We‘ll take her away right this instant!” It was true, our fighting was shown- all of our clothes were ruffled and messy looking. “That won‘t be necessary.” Yousuke calmly stated. The secretary and guards looked at him with confusion, “But, Sir!?” Yousuke spoke again, “This crazy lady happens to be a good friend of mine. Though she can get eccentric and a little unruly, she still is my friend.” The lady and guard gave apologetic looks towards Yousuke and only a semi-apologetic look towards me. Well, I guess I deserved it, fighting with them and all. Hope I didn’t leave any bruises or give them permanent damage.

    Yousuke led the people out of his office and shut the door, so no reporters would get in. He then motioned me to sit down across from him. He sat on is chair fixing a pile of papers at his desk. “It‘s nice to see you again, Miyaki.” I was silent and, suddenly, I remembered. My serious expression did not change when I spoke, “Why didn‘t you tell me? You visited me a few months ago. You didn‘t tell me about Akihiko, Rin, or Ashika. You said nothing!” My voice was full of anger and he could clearly tell. “Look, Miyaki.”

    “Don‘t “Look Miyaki” Me! How could you dammit! I had a right to know! They were my friends too and you didn’t say a word!” Tears were begining shed out of my eyes- I though I had finished crying back at the restaurant- guess not. “Look! I didn’t want to see you hurt! Everybody thought it’d be best for you not to know. It was a critical point in your job and everyone knew you’d rush home to see Ashiko. Even Ashiko agreed not to tell you!” He was clearly angry with me- his shouting made it obvious. I was silent for a log minute before speaking, “You all decided without me. Do I not matter anymore? Is it because I hadn’t seen you guys in over five years so I don’t matter anymore?” My voice rose on the last part. Yousuke didn’t answer. I waited until I asked again, “Answer me dammit! I don’t matter anymore is that it! I shouldn’t have left, right!? It was my decision and I chose the wrong one, is that it!?”


    “Then what!?” I got up and flung the papers on his desk across the floor. My voice was practically screaming and tears were falling without my knowledge. He was still sitting there, not looking at me but out in space somewhere. Another long minute passed. “You never called. Never acknowledged any of us. Not even showing your face!” He jumped up, slamming his hands on the desk. No longer calm but angry. “Nothing Dammit! When you left we all coped with the fact we were growing up and our teenage lives were over! Maybe that’s why we resented you for so long!” I stood there, dumbfounded. Resented? They resented me because I made them realize their no longer teenagers?! “Well, I’m sorry…” My voice was calm. “I’m sorry I woke you up from your stupid fantasies! That I left you all alone and made you all grow up. Sorry, I though you were old enough to handle everything yourselves!” I was clearly shouting by this point. “That wasn’t it! When we were younger, we all said that we were going to be with each other through thick and thin and wasn’t it you who said that!?” I was silent. “You said it! Doesn’t that make you seem hypercritical!?” I wasn’t sure what to say. Yes, it was true I did say that but I was young and still so unfamiliar with the world. I didn’t know an opportunity like that was going to approach me.

    There was another long silence. Yousuke went over to pick up the papers I flung off his desk. I sighed then went over to help him. Bending down to pick them up made Yousuke uneasy, he made sure not to make eye contact as did I. When his papers were properly on his desk, we both sat down. I spoke first, “So, why so many reporters?” I spoke casually so not to restart the conversation we just had. “We have been doing well and the reporters have been bugging me for an interview. I really don’t want to. Stuff like that is sort of Yukari’s thing.”

    “How is Yukari?” I quickly asked. “Well, she’s planning on getting married. To some rich guy.”

    “How are you taking it?” Yousuke looked at me questioningly along with an “Oh no! I’ve been caught” look. “What do you mean?”

    “Don’t play stupid. I read magazines and it didn’t surprise me you had fallen for her. You always secretly liked her when we were young.” I half-heartedly smiled. Yousuke looked at me with another serious expression. “There was another person I had fallen for, to bad she didn’t notice me.” He chuckled lightly. I had a black face and he only looked at me with a disappointed look. “You seriously didn’t know!?”

    “Didn’t know what?” I was clearly confused by what he was saying. “I liked you since we were kids! I always tried to cheer you up then Akihiko always showed up and you clung onto him like a leaf to a tree.”

    “What! I did not! And why didn’t you ever tell me you liked me!? How was I supposed to know!?”

    “You really are dense! How could you not! I even visited you after Akihiko died just to make a mov…!” He shut his mouth almost instantly. I was shocked by what he just said. I might have been dense but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he didn’t tell me about Akihiko and Rin’s death. I began to get extremely angry again. “You didn’t tell me about Akihiko and Rin’s Death because you wanted nothing to interrupt you asking me out!?” I ran over to him and slapped him across his face. “You b*****d! How heartless can you be!? I would never go out with you! Ever! You stupid a*****e!” A few tears shed while I kept smacking him until finally I ran out of his office. I could hear him call back out to me, “Miyaki, come back!” I wasn’t going back to him.

    I pushed away the crowds of people until I was finally out of the building. I was filled with so many emotions I could barely focus on what to do next. I remembered that I wanted to visit Yukari. I left on a plane headed towards my next destination.