• Chapter One

    Ivy woke up to the sound of her Nighmare Before Christmas Alarm Clock going off. She hit the snooze button and got up she walked into the bathroom and Took one look at herself in the mirror "God i need a shower" she said the she heard "Yes you do" she knew that voice it was her brother Trent. She turned around "Will you go away or your not getting that ride from me And he was off.Once he was gone she got into the shower. Once done she walked back into her room put on her Bikni and shorts.
    She grabbed skateboard and went to the beach and saw her best friend Hope in the water surfing. She waved her hand telling her we gotta go to school. She came running up with a towel around her "Come on time to go" she said and they got into her blue mustang she turned on "Better Off Dead by Vs. the earth" they both sang along as she drove back to the house.
    When they go to the house they both walked in and Hope ran up the stairs to go change. She walked into the kitchen to get her breakfast she heard Hope scream then her running down the stairs the next thing she saw was Hope smacking into her.