• H e a v e n or H e l l

        Here on this planet long ago lived two kind of species the angels and demons. But when a feud broke out between the two the world went to ruins without the angels to keep peace more and more people would do wrong. Rapist, Murderers, and robbers where all set free from there jails. As of an result to more and more angels having to leave there post and the prisons. After this the demons of course became more active taking advantage and causing bad things to happen to people. Later Afters years of fighting the two groups became tired and decided to make a treaty of some sort, they've decided they would split the earth into parts or regions where the angels and demons and roam free, the Angels of coarse gotten the sky and the clouds. But the demons got the under worlds deep under the earths core. Plenty of decades later the demons have chosen to let the prince of the demons go to the surface and recruit humans. Things is this would break the treaty. After hearing about the demons tactics the angels have chosen to do the same, by orders of the king him self they've decided that the princess of the angels would go to earth, kinda like the angels ambassador. What will happen will the humans be forced to work for the demons, or will they be convinced the choose to fight along side with the angels.

    "At hard times like these we must choose to do what is right or what is easy"

    Chapter One

        Damien just fell asleep to be woken up by his fathers insane yelling. "Damien!!, you late you must get up and go to the surface world." Damien sighed and go up and with the layer witch in the under world terms meant bathroom, changed into a pair of black skinny jeans and long sleeved button up crimson shirt. In stead of eating with his father he decided to eat on the surface world, with the mortals. Damien touched his moms picture and smiled he missed her a lot.. She would be the only one that he would tell his secret but yet she wasn't here and he couldn't... Far away on the surface world walked a beautiful blond girl with a face of gold, unlike the prince of the demons she was on time and ready to recruit humans for this war they would have to face. She walked down a busy New york street. Twenty minutes later tired of walking she sat down on a street bench near central park, and by a huge beautiful lake. With a sigh she looked down to the ground. Wishing for someone to talk to her. Coming out of a new by forest was Damien he just telaported here from the underworlds surface porter, Damien walked out of the forest like nothing and then by the lakes dock where some kids where playing fetch with there dog. After eating salad at an vegetarian restaurant, he sat on the same bench the Princess of the angels was. He smiled and waved. Angelica did the same and thought to her self How cute is he? she then flashed another smile and said "Hi" Damien smiled once again and replied "Hello I'm Damien," Getting a weird feeling to his eyes he noticed that they where turning from his "mortal deep blue eyes" back to his demon crimson colored ones, he shook his head and turned so she wouldn't see them. After turning around he told her "Uhh, pollen and the air yea allergies." Angelica smiled and thought to her self It's him the demon Not wanting to blow her cover she smiled and replied back to him. "Yea allergies, by the way I'm Angelica" She smiled...

    Chapter Two

        Damien strained to find something wrong with the girl, and there it was a white feather, the wing of an angel.. Damien pushed his arm around her shoulder and then moved it down her back grabbing the feather. He smiled and looked at it spinning it with the tips of his fingers. "You know people to have a Dove feather land on them are pretty lucky.." He explained, but they both new.. he knew her secret just as she knew his. He smiled once again. The girl smiled, "Yea lucky.. I must be pretty lucky.." She nervously said. Hopping he didn't know.. Know that she was princess Angelica of the Angel people.. She turned a little and scooted down the bench a little very uncomfortable with the current situation. Damien just smiled still holding one of the feathers from her wings. Angelica swiftly then jumped from the bench, running to a near by bus and catching a ride, Damien noticing what she was doing slowly follow, but in the depths of the afternoon shadows. He noticed her walking into a cabin on the side of the lake, and then a flash of light coming from one of the windows. Angelica was back home up in the clouds she was watching a group of angel children playing, as she walked by a house she saw a weird women but she was so beautiful, and the light just shined off her face. The thingy that made her seem weird was she seemed to be staring intensely at princess Angelica.. Angelica then just ran out the house, right into a new york busy street nearly being hit. Horns honking grown ups yelling "get out of the road!" She didn't know what happened so she just shrugged it off and ran along the along the street on the sidewalk. Looking for something, but what? She hadn't yet to know.