• "Oh cool a moving truck,"said my little sister.
    "You know Silver that trick is getting pretty tiring." I sighed.
    "This time I ain't joking,come and see for yourself."
    I got up from where I was sitting to go look.
    "That's a shocker."
    This time and maybe the last she right.
    There were some questions I was asking myself about the movers:
    1,Why would anyone move out in the country?
    2. I wonder if they are crazy,or just morons..
    and 3. WHY!?!
    "Oh my gosh,someone is actually moving in next door?" came storming up my 14 year old sister Milley.
    "Did you know that house is haunted?well atleast that is what I heard."
    "Did you know we don't care?"asked Silver.
    "Nice one, Silver,"came a voice behind us.
    "My god,Darius, just because you're blind,doesn't mean I won't whoop your a**." I glared.
    "Oh I am soo scared,I'm shaking."
    "Are we forgetting something?" asked Silver.
    "WHAT!?" screamed Milley.
    "The new neighbors,duh! What are you stupid?"
    "Move it squirt."
    "Takes one to know one," smiled Silver.
    "Wow is he cute!"
    "Only you judge people's looks,you are so judgemental." I said.
    "He is not as hot as me," boasted Dairus posing.
    "No one could even come close,Dare." I said laughing.
    We called Dairus, Dare because he was one of the most exetreme dare devils ever. You tell him to kill himself,he with no doubt do it.
    "He's coming over!" screached Silver.
    "Answer it,Willow," demanded Milley.
    I opened the door just as he began to knock.
    "Hai, tilting my head, Are you new?" asking as if we weren't spying on him and his family.
    He cocked his head so he could look at me saying;
    "Ya and I believe this is your weasel?"
    "Nope that weasel is my brother's he will be so happy to see it back." I said taking Streak.
    "So, what pet do you have?"
    I shrugged,"Do you want to sit down?"
    "Better yet wanna go over to my house?"
    "Is your packing done?"
    "It's finished."
    "Well OK then,but we have to race,winner gets anything they want,deal?" I held out my hand.
    "Teh,whatever you say," he shook my hand.
    "READY,SET,GO!" and we took off.