• First Day Of Summer
    Kaboom! ''Jamie! Tell me your not working on those science experiments again.'' Jamie's mom yelled from downstairs. ''Sorry,mom!''Jamie replied. She cleaned up the parts of her invention that exploded. The door burst open. ''What was that? It sounded like fireworks!'' Her little brother Matt said looking around. Jamie threw her shoe at him. ''Get out!'' She yelled. He ran out the room. Jamie flopped into her chair. ''I can never do anything right.'' She cried. Jamie has been working on making a flying car, but has failed everytime. She is fifteen years old and her parents would tell her all the time that she is not a normal teenage girl. She just got tired of hearing it. ''Jamie, time for dinner!'' Her mother yelled. Then she heard something break. ''Dog gone it!'' her mom yelled angrily. Jamie laughed at how her mom said that and remembered all the times she broke the dishes. She ran downstairs and smelled miso soup. Nothing beat her mom's miso soup. Smells good mom!'' Jamie said seating herself at the table next to her father. Her father and brother were shoving food down their throats. Jamie looked at them disguisted. ''Dad.'' Jamie said. Her dad looked up. He wore square shaped glasses and had black hair. ''Yes?''He said with a mouth full of food. ''Are you staying with us tomorrow?'' Jamie asked him. ''Yeah dad! Are you?'' Matt chimed in. Their dad wiped his mouth with a napkin and shook his head. ''Sorry kids. I got work tomorrow. We're running low on people. So we have to work extra.'' He said. Jamie and Matt frowned. ''You never spend time with us.'' Matt says as their mom sits at the table. ''Yeah, I do!'' Their dad says. Jamie breaks out in tears. ''That's a lie! You never do.'' Jamie said and ran up to her room. The mom looks at her husband confused. ''She didn't like my food? she said. Jamie stomps up the stairs and goes straight to her room. She slams the door and flops onto her bed.